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Interested in Becoming an Alumni Mentor?

Read on for a brief overview of how the program works, how to get involved, and some FAQs.

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About Brentwood’s Mentorship Program

Many students find the transition from high school to post-secondary (and eventually to graduate employment) a challenging and overwhelming experience. The Mentorship Program connects Brentwood students with Brentwood alumni mentors who can support students during challenging times, by sharing their post-secondary and/or career experiences.

The Mentorship Program is part of Brentwood’s Career Education curriculum which begins at the Grade 10 level and is an ongoing venture, with each cohort of students gaining access to one or more mentors. Mentors can remain involved in the Program for as long as they wish and are able to engage in multiple mentorships over a period of time. 

What is Mentoring Exactly?

  • A collaborative relationship that helps others less experienced to reach their goals
  • A relationship that facilitates mutual learning, critical reflection and growth
  • A chance to help a mentee develop self-awareness whilst developing your own

What is an Appropriate Age to be a Mentor?

Whether you’re a recent Brentwood graduate in your first year of post-secondary studies, or a retired professional, we are looking for mentors of all ages! Our Grade 10s have been tasked with finding 1-2 mentors, who can offer a range of perspectives on everything from modern day post-secondary experiences, to career wisdom gained over a lifetime.

Why Should I Become an Alumni Mentor?

There are a number of benefits to be gained by becoming a mentor, including…

  • Enhancement of your own mentoring, coaching and reflection skills
  • Reconnecting with Brentwood and its community
  • Expanding your professional network by becoming part of a large group of other alumni mentors
  • Satisfaction gained by helping students during a period of major transition in their lives
  • Developing young talent that can later fill recruitment needs in your industry

How is the Mentorship Program Facilitated?

The Program is predominantly digital and is run through our Brentonian Connect online platform. Digital mentoring utilizes modern technology to overcome barriers of location and time. Opportunities may arise to connect with your mentee via phone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or through school-arranged “Meet Your Mentor” events; this is is greatly encouraged too! 

What are the Time & Commitment Expectations for Mentors?

The Mentorship Program is designed to be flexible for both the mentor and mentee. You have the power to co-establish, along with your mentee, a relationship that works for both of you. We simply expect our mentors to commit to each mentorship for the duration and nature agreed on by both parties. In most cases, you can expect to communicate digitally via Brentonian Connect with your mentee, at fairly regular intervals throughout the school year. In some cases, your mentee may have a few quick questions for you a handful of times. In other cases, they may be looking to have more in-depth written or verbal conversations.

How Many Mentees Will I Have?

1-2 on average, but never more than 3 at one time. You have the power to accept/decline requests depending on your capacity.

What if I Don't Receive a Request?

Depending on the ratio of mentees to mentor, it may not always be the case that alumni who are “willing to mentor” are matched up with a student. However, we would encourage you to stay with the Program as it is likely you will be matched with a mentee when a subsequent cohort of students joins the Program.

I'm Ready to Get Started! What's Next?

  1. Create a profile on Brentonian Connect or login to your existing profile; the platform also has the capability to integrate with your LinkedIn account to create a profile
  2. Ensure that your profile is up to date in terms of “industry,” work/education experience and geographical location
  3. Ensure that you have ticked the boxes related to Mentorship in the “Offering Help” section of your profile
  4. Once your profile is complete and has been approved by our administrators, you will receive a copy of our 4-page Mentoring Guide for Alumni and asked to familiarize yourself with the document and our Mentoring Code of Conduct & Confidentiality
  5. Upon profile approval, students will be able to view your profile and send mentorship requests to mentors they feel match their needs and interests

Still Not Sure? Need Some Extra Help Getting Started?

Contact the Alumni Office for more information or if you have questions related to:

  • Use of Brentonian Connect (profile creation, technical questions, etc.)
  • Changing your contact information
  • Joining, changing, or cancelling your involvement in the Mentorship Program
  • Participating in a “Meet Your Mentor” event on campus

Join the 1,200+ Old Brentonians who have signed up to be a mentor by joining today!



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