Welcome to the Archives Page of the Brentwood website. On this page you will find links to digital archival resources pertaining to the history of our School. We are constantly updating our website with new resources and links, and there is still a lot of work to be done.

We have just embarked on a new project to build and organize a physical Archival space at the School and will be posting more information to this site, as updates on our progress become available.


Did you know that digital versions of all of our yearbooks are available online, dating back to 1923-24? Flip through and conduct digital searches of our yearbooks here.


Did you know that digital versions of our recent Brentonian Magazine publications are available online? Flip through and conduct digital searches of our magazines here.

Kindled From the Ashes

Flip through the digital version of Nicholas Prowse's "Kindled From the Ashes; A Short History of Brentwood College School" originally published in 2002. This incredible publication gives an in-depth look at the School's evolution during the periods of 1923-1948 (Brentwood Bay Campus) and 1961-2001 (Mill Bay Campus).

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