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Teaching and Technology

Oct 08, '10

I read a cool blog this week from a teacher in Connecticut.  He spoke of ‘acoustic teaching’ – the ability to teach without relying on technology.  I love this phrase.  Like me he was a guitarist who started off playing the acoustic guitar and honed his craft and eventually became very comfortable performing.  It was quiet,...

Music to the ears

Oct 06, '10

Okay, big news! My daughters listen to different music than I do! Yes, Hip Hop seems to be the order of the day at our house when they are home. It follows them everywhere. I get it. I was young once. They have to carve their own path. Walk through any of the Brentwood boarding houses and you will actually hear a variety of music. It always...

Run Brentwood Run!

Oct 05, '10

This past Sunday our students once again organized themselves to participate in the Run for the Cure.  For the 3rd consecutive year, Brentwood has raised more money than any other school on Vancouver Island.  This is no small feat and we are immensely proud of them.    The heart and soul of this event is staff member,...

Brentwood is a Western Boarding School

Oct 04, '10

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is sometimes referred to as the ‘Gateway to the West’.  It commemorates the first settlers who moved west.  But where exactly do you have to be to claim you are in western North America?  Some think it might be just west of Austin, Texas where the climate changes once you head toward the...

California Connection

Oct 01, '10

Brentwood has a great many students from California.  It is amazing how attractive our school has been over the year to Californian students seeking an East Coast quality of education but would like to remain in the west.  Must be the familiarity of the Pacific Ocean! Our Admissions Office heads down to California every year to...


Sep 30, '10

I often think about courage when I think of each of our Brentwood students and their parents.  What we can sometimes forget is the long process involved, even before students arrive at our school; the road is rarely an easy one.  Families must come to a common acceptance that it is okay that their son or daughter is seeking to board away...

Sunny Days

Sep 29, '10

What a September it has been here.  The wettest on record apparently.  I think it impacts adults more than young people.  As adults, we like to whine about things like rain and fog and clouds; we try to avoid the cold like it is the plague.  I look around the school campus and see kids walking in the rain, jumping into the...

Brentwood in Globe and Mail

Sep 15, '10

I hate spending money on advertising.  I’m always wishing there was a magical way to have people simply ‘know’ about Brentwood without having to drop a hard-earned dime into it.  A foolish pipe-dream I know. I love it when something drops onto our lap for free like a few years ago when the Seattle Times called me out of the blue to...

Here we go again

Sep 14, '10

So the dust has settled.  The new students are adjusting and have already become members of the ‘current student body’.  Members of Admissions teams around the globe are already setting their sights on ‘next year’ and calculating the amount of spaces that might become available and seeking more efficient ways to get the word out about...

Hello New Students, Hello World!

Sep 11, '10

This past week 150 students from over 32 countries around the world arrived on our campus.  It is truly amazing seeing the seamless meshing of cultures on the first day.  It beckons one to envision so much promise in the world when you see how easily people from completely different backgrounds come together.  As I prepare for my...

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