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American Thanksgiving

Nov 23, '10

In Canada, November is rarely on anyone’s ‘favorite month of the year’ list. It is easy to see why, as November can be likened to an off-ramp: its only purpose is to lead from one season to the next. The bountiful early fall, ripe with harvest and autumnal plenitudes quickly unfolds into a wintery gloom and November is the segue – perhaps even the...

German Students at Brentwood

Nov 20, '10

Why do German Students Love Brentwood? As I write this, I am sitting aboard the ICE train from Munich to Cologne.  I am here in Germany meeting prospective students in 4 different cities.  Every year Brentwood attracts a half a dozen German students.  Many come for one year but more and more are seeing the value of staying and...

Outsourcing Education

Nov 14, '10

I am currently staying at the Trident Hotel in Mumbai, one of the hotels attacked by terrorists in November of 2008.  In fact, 22 guests were killed on the floors just above me that day – a result of the gunfight and the ensuing fire that broke out.  Today, there is no evidence of any violence; other than the scanners and security at the...

Communication Breakdown?

Nov 10, '10

A few weeks ago we had a member of the Victoria Police Department come to speak to our students about the inherent dangers of posting private information on their social media accounts.  There were many collective gasps in the crowd as he explained that, posing as a 14-year-old girl, he had been ‘creeping’ on many of them and, in fact, some...

Good Morning Vietnam!

Nov 08, '10

Up at 5:00 am for an early flight from Bangkok to Hanoi. I love flying into Hanoi, swooping neatly over the rice paddies and the everyday lives of the farmers. There are many realities of North Vietnam. Much of it is still very traditional and rural. Hanoi itself would have to be in the running for the most frenetic, bustling and energizing city...

Culture Club

Nov 06, '10

Last night I sat at a restaurant here in Bangkok with a Thai family on the same street where the bloody Red Shirt protests took place earlier in the year. You can still see the damaged buildings from what ensued. Of course, none of this crossed my mind as I donned my lovely red shirt to dinner! Typically gracious, as the Thai people tend to be, my...

The Amazing Race

Nov 03, '10

This is Wednesday.  I am sitting at the airport about to embark on the first of 13 flights around the planet over the next month.  I am about to enter a world of taxi cabs, currency exchange kiosks, travelers gut and jet lag.  It is frenetic and exhausting and often I feel like I’m in an episode of the Amazing Race. It is all part...

Mid-Term Break!

Oct 22, '10

There are certain markers throughout the year that are highly anticipated.  None more than the first long break of the year – the fall mid-term break.  Although only 6 days, it does allow our students to fly home, visit friends and, more importantly, sleep-in! For our new students, this is a fantastic time to sit back and realize that...

Passport Please!

Oct 20, '10

Herding cats.  That is what it feels like being an Admissions Director getting ready for a recruiting trip.  As I prepare to embark on a grueling, month-long travel schedule this November, I often feel that I must be forgetting something or someone.  There are too many opportunities to miss airplanes, trains and appointments not to...

Abnormal Behavior?

Oct 12, '10

What motivates a 16 year old to get up in the pouring rain at 5:30 in the morning to go rowing? What possibly can provoke a 14 year old to get up onto a stage in front of 450 people and sing a solo? When I went to high school many moons ago, people like this were considered peculiar or perhaps … odd- certainly not the norm! Each year I am...

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