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Socrates and the Internet

Mar 01, '11

I like New Hampton School’s statement about 21st century education: “Books and a blackboard are no longer enough to prepare students for a globalized world economy.” I would take this a step further and suggest that school teachers who are not committed to making the necessary adjustments to meet this paradigm shift are not adequately preparing...

Where the World Comes to School

Feb 08, '11

When brainstorming appropriate tag-lines for our website a couple of years ago, it suddenly dawned on me that in a world where so many students reluctantly drag themselves out of bed and force themselves to attend their local school, Brentwood students often fly from half-way around the world to be here.  ‘Where the World Comes to School’...

Midterm Break

Feb 01, '11

mid·term/ˈmidˌtərm/Noun 1. The middle of a period of office, a pregnancy, or an academic term. While Midterm elections in the United States may garner a great deal of attention and have undeniably important political consequences, and though midterm pregnancies may cause anxiety for a new parents-to-be, midterm breaks at Brentwood cause something...

No Winter ‘Blahs’ at Brentwood!

Jan 06, '11

Here are some great reasons to be excited about life on our campus over the next few weeks:

  • Basketball. The season is in full swing and Brentwood’s girls and boys teams are gaining notoriety in the province. There is much to cheer about and honestly, is there really anything more fun then sitting in a crazy-loud gym...

3 Things to know about Brentwood College School

Dec 21, '10

Last week I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Peter Baron at Admissionsquest.  As Director of Admissions of Brentwood College, I am part of a project he is doing for the WBSA (Western Boarding Schools Association).  Though this interview was a rather impromptu, first-thing-in-the-morning kind of deal and I was rather unprepared, it...

Why do American Students Choose Brentwood College School?

Dec 15, '10

Brentwood College School has a long tradition of educating American students.  We have the largest American student population of any school in Canada (10% of our student population).  It may seem odd that with so many quality boarding schools in the US that an American high school student would look north of the border for their...

Top 10 List When Looking for a Boarding School

Dec 10, '10

I have worked at a boarding school for 17 years.  I have lived with my family on campus all 17 years.  I have been a coach, a teacher, an administrator and a parent at a boarding school.  I have visited boarding schools around the world; some impressive and some not so impressive.  Obviously I have a bias toward my own school...

Counting the Days!

Dec 03, '10

12 more sleeps. Students key in on certain ‘markers’ in the Brentwood College school year. The first mid-term break , the last day of classes, the first dance and the night of secret Santa, exam week, Java Hut and showcase games, to name but a few. These events serve to remind us of the passage of time and just how quickly a year can go by. I...

2010 Brentwood College International Admissions Trip

Nov 30, '10

In the words of Steven Wright: “It’s a small world but I wouldn’t want to have to paint it!”.  I’ve been back for two days now and have had time to reflect on my last trip.  When visiting so many different cultures, there are times when this world seems so immense, intense and diverse; but mostly it seems familiar, familial and...

Turkey and Iverson

Nov 27, '10

Former NBA all-star Alan Iverson scored 2 points in his debut in Turkey last week. Not the numbers many anticipated. Perhaps he was rusty, perhaps he is way past his prime, or perhaps he did not anticipate the level of commitment and skill of Turkish premier league basketball. Turkey is a surprise to many. Bridging the gap between the old world...

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