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A New Chapter

Dec 01, '11

The announcement of a new Head of School always creates a buzz around the independent school circuit. After all, there were applicants from all over the world for this coveted position as Brentwood is recognized globally as a top-tier boarding school.  The dramatic announcement at our assembly that Mr. Bud Patel will become the 4th Head of...

Learning at Brentwood

Nov 09, '11

As I remember it, the 20th century classroom was designed to enable students to learn about what had happened.  Well-used textbooks written by seemingly ancient authors were used to tell us about the world around us.  Our sage teachers passed their wisdom to us as if by formal decree.  Knowledge was imparted. 21st...

Modern Approach to Traditional Boarding

Nov 03, '11

Students at Brentwood stand when a teacher walks in a room.  They take off their hats when they enter a building.  They don’t chew gum or use cell phones during academic time.  They treat each other with respect and are polite with one another and with visitors on campus.  They look you in the eye when they speak to you and...

On the Road Again!

Oct 06, '11

The 2011-2012 academic year is off to a fantastic start. The autumn colors are already upon us and the cooler air gives notice that another school year has begun.  At this time each year, Admissions Directors and their staff begin their recruitment tours for next year. These often include participating in school fairs across Asia, through...

Campus Kids

Sep 22, '11

At Brentwood, nearly 60% of our teachers live on campus. It is a bit confusing for new students at first, especially those coming from schools where teachers were seen as creatures who arrived late, departed early and were, in many cases, the enemy. Here at Brentwood College School, we work together, play together and live as one village.  It...

I Got a Feelin'

Aug 25, '11

"I got a feelin', that this year’s going to be a good year"! Alright, not quite the Black Eyed Peas, but looking at the 169 new students joining us this year, it promises to be a terrific year. Who are these new students?  Here are some stats:

  • 71 of them are coming into Grade 9
  • 108 of our new students are...

Halcyon Days

Jul 05, '11

Summer in the Admissions world has a completely different vibe to it. The incoming students are allocated to dorms, new house and class lists are created, and calls from anxious parents are fielded. Personally, the feeling of contentment and pride is much like I imagine how a farmer must feel as he or she nears the end of a bountiful season; I...

End of Times

Jun 22, '11

According to the now notoriously mathematically inept Harold Camping, the world was supposed to end on May 21st, 2011. He got it wrong…again. Perhaps Mr. Camping and his rapture-seeking followers didn’t anticipate how fast time flies. All of a sudden a date comes and goes and another event passes. It happens to all of us. At Brentwood, it seems...

Take a picture of this...

May 19, '11

Gulls, otters, kingfishers, cormorants, seals, bald eagles, merganser ducks and swans paddle, bob and dive on the water just outside the Brentwood academic block.  The scene through my window as I write this is dizzying.  Crab and prawn fishermen pull up their traps amid the giggling cacophony of Dan Norman’s Outdoor Pursuits kayak/water...

Celebrating the Silent Majority

Apr 07, '11

All too often there is a tendency to recognize only those academics, athletes and artists who do wonderfully heroic and impressive things. To be sure, they are newsworthy. They deserve the accolades because we all aspire to be the best that we can be; we appreciate those who take it to the highest of levels. This being said, and taking nothing...

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