Admissions Blog

Where the World Comes to School

Sep 17, '13

181 new students have joined our campus this fall. They have come from the farthest reaches of our planet and from just across the street. Brentwood really is where the world comes to school. While I understand why North Americans want to be here (81% of our school is from Canada and the USA), it always amazes me that students want to travel...

Seasons Change

Jun 06, '13

2012-2013 has been one of the most successful years in school history. Stellar academic results and impressive university placements, coupled with stunning athletic and artistic performances, have all been celebrated and recognized locally, nationally and internationally. But perhaps most importantly, we have enjoyed a campus community that is...


May 22, '13

I worry that social media will inevitably destroy the art of writing. I suppose we have always looked for shortcuts when expressing ourselves through words; faster is easier. How long have we put “xoxo” instead of ‘hugs and kisses’ at the bottom of letters? Why waste time when you can get the point across quickly? It is like asking someone what...

The Spring Term at Brentwood

Apr 12, '13

This is it. This is what we have all been waiting for: the spring term. The flowers are out and the leaves on the trees are eagerly pushing through their buds. The smell of freshly cut grass permeates the air and, more and more, the warm sunshine again bakes down on our oceanfront campus. It is that time. The time when couches, blankets and...


Mar 01, '13

Mindfulness is a seemingly simple term yet it is highly complex in its ultimate meaning. It denotes attentiveness to the present along with respect for the past and the future. To be mindful means having regard for, and paying attention to, your surroundings. In many ways there is no better way to describe the sum of values nurtured at...

International Recruitment

Jan 23, '13

I am writing this from Malaysia. I have just come from Japan, Vietnam and Thailand and will be continuing on to Singapore and Indonesia on this trip. Why is this significant? Let me explain. Brentwood has a significantly robust Canadian student population (74% of the student body) compared to many boarding schools. This is important for...

Term One

Dec 14, '12

The buses have rolled out to airports and ferries. The long December vacation has officially started. So how can we assess our First Term of 2012? How did it go? Let’s first look at the statistics and then we can make a judgment call: 1 new Head of School (4 Patels and PJ, their puppy). 178 new students joined our school. Our...

Honouring the Muse

Nov 05, '12

Most boarding schools have great teachers, a rich and challenging curriculum and small classroom sizes.  As well, though they may have different sports, most quality boarding schools have a strong athletic program with competitive sports teams; students are encouraged to participate and to be fit. All the great boarding schools will offer...

The Road Goes Ever On

Oct 25, '12

The 2012-2013 academic year is off to a brilliant start. The largest student population in our history has enjoyed tremendous weather and a strong beginning to the year. Now, as the autumn leaves begin to fall and the cooler air gives notice that another school year is well under way, it is time to ‘hit the road’. Fall is a heavy recruitment...

California Dreaming

Oct 10, '12

Brentwood College School remains very popular with Californians. While we have students from 11 other states, including 10 from our closes neighbor, Washington State, there is something about our school that continues to resonate with students from California. Perhaps it is the air, the mountains and our oceanfront campus that reminds many of...

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