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Benefits of Boarding - The Gift of Time

Mar 18, '16

Benefits of Boarding - The Gift of Time Every Sunday night my husband and I sit down at the kitchen table with our giant family calendar to plan our week. Like many families, we have the big family calendar with all of the cool stickers with bright colours and cute little images for “sports”, “arts”, “family time”, and my personal favourite,...

Brentwood - “Where the world wants to be”

Jul 11, '15

As summer progresses on the Brentwood campus, we are certainly keeping up with the positive and energetic vibe that is so prevalent during the school year. With the Hong Kong National Rugby Teams training and competing on our fields, alumni returning to celebrate former graduating classes, and students moving into dorms to enjoy the various summer...

Global Mindset

Feb 04, '15

Another season of Admissions travel is almost complete. Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, and North America have all been visited and students from the far reaches of this planet are already excited about joining our special school in September, 2015. “Where the World Comes to School” has been our tagline for many years now. I thought...

A New Year

Aug 22, '14

Another school year is like a fresh start and a new beginning, a chance for rebirth. A time to improve, reinvent and reignite. One of the amazing things about being involved in education as a vocation is that one spends a lifetime immersed in the same annual routine. Not much changes with age when you work in a school. The major rhythms of the...

The Brentwood Difference

Jul 07, '14

As we gently roll into summer, I can reflect with great satisfaction on what has been a very busy year in Admissions. After spending a dizzying 3 months on the road visiting 12 countries and countless communities (and telling anyone willing to listen about our amazing school!) I am giddy with excitement about the student body that will convene on...

The Island Life

Apr 16, '14

My job requires me to travel around this planet each year– both head to toe, as well as around its belly. While exhausting, I never underestimate how lucky I am to do this: to meet such amazing people in the most intriguing and exhilarating cultures. It has changed me and has made our school more diverse. On these recruiting trips, I meet...

Curling Parents

Mar 21, '14

‘Curling parent’ is a term I first heard from the Head of School at Phillips Academy, John G. Palfrey, at the SSATB Conference in Philadelphia this past fall. It certainly resonated with me as I’ve seen a few of these in my years in Admissions! You know the type: the parents who are always trying to sweep all barriers out of the way of their...

It’s Your Choice

Jan 08, '14

Whatever you do, don’t send your child to Brentwood! Why? Because we won’t accept them if it isn’t their choice to be here. There are plenty of other good options for you. No student is ‘sent’ to Brentwood; this is the number one criteria I, as Director of Admissions, look for in the admissions process. We currently have 471 students who...

The Emotional Intelligence of Boys

Dec 11, '13

Definition: noun: emotional intelligence the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Jane Fonda recently offered a very powerful few minutes at the end of an interview, explaining, in a brutally honest way, that we have let down the boys in our...

The Brentwood Magic

Nov 11, '13

The Brentwood Magic is what we call it on campus. It happens every year and it is a joy to watch. Incomprehensible perhaps, but wonderful nonetheless. What is it? Over 180 new students join us each September. This is more than a third of our total school population. They come from all walks of life, different cultures and educational...

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