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Brentwood’s challenging curriculum is diverse and immersive. Our busy schedule is coupled with strong academic support for our students. This support includes easy access to teachers, tutors, counselors, and advisors, as well as The Learning Centre. We encourage our students to seek guidance, encouragement, and assistance within our academic departments and the house environment.

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If I didn't come to Brentwood back in grade 9, I would have missed so many amazing opportunities.  I am so happy that I have such great support from my teachers and that Brentwood has been the foundation for the rest of my life. - Current Brentwood Student

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Tripartite Program: Academics, Arts, Athletics

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Brentwood’s distinctive tripartite philosophy mirrors what is known about the way we learn and the three major domains of learning that have been described as cognitive, affective and psychomotor. A program that infuses a “whole person” approach into learning a sport, developing an art or studying an academic discipline is one that strengthens the will and ability of a young person to grow into a life-long learner. The transferable skills of critical and analytical thinking belong as much on the sports field, the stage and the art studio as they do in the classroom. The concepts of teamwork and creativity are often more easily recognized, cultivated and celebrated in sports and arts though they are vital aspirational elements of 21st Century learning. Maintaining the unique delivery model of our tripartite program enables every student to access a set of learning opportunities that is highly personalized. Simultaneously, we strive to bring these learning modes together whenever possible in order to harness the synergy and highlight the transformative nature of the experiences they bring.  

Advanced Placement

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Brentwood’s versatile timetable allows students at any grade level to take advantage of the many Advanced Placement (AP) options offered at our school. Over 1000 post-secondary institutions in the USA and Canada regularly grant advanced placement into a second year course or first year credit to students achieving AP examination results of 4 or higher. The AP program is administered by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey. AP examinations are offered annually in May throughout North America. The examinations are graded from 5, indicating the student is extremely well qualified, to 1, the low point on the scale. Our students write AP exams here on campus and routinely achieve excellent results.

AP Courses

Art HistoryBiologyCalculus AB
ChemistryComparative Government and PoliticsEnglish Language and Composition
English Literature and CompositionEnvironmental ScienceEuropean History
Human GeographyMacroeconomicsMusic Theory
Physics 1Physics 2Psychology
Studio ArtWorld History

Although AP Courses are not explicitly offered in the subjects, Our Modern Languages department has a proven track record of supporting and providing resources to students who have sought to challenge AP Exams in: Chinese Language and Culture, French Language and Culture, Spanish Language and Culture, Spanish Literature and Culture

Weekly Routine and Extra Holidays

Ask prospective students about the idea of going to class on Saturday mornings? The response might be negative. Ask current Brentwood students about finishing academic classes by 1:15pm every day, having afternoons free for athletics and the arts, and having longer holidays? The response is very positive. Even though our classes are held six days a week, our condensed classroom sessions allow for lengthier breaks. Brentwood's schedule is unique; our students like Brentwood's distinctive rhythm and our tripartite system.


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At Brentwood every student has an advisor. The advisor’s role is to guide their advisee through their academic, artistic, athletic, and residential programmes and to act as an advocate. Each week students meet with their advisors during the academic morning to discuss their progress and any potential concerns. Advisors are assigned to the same residential house as their advisees to ensure access as required. All parents and guardians can expect communication from the advisor. In the senior grades the advisors also assist our university counselors with course selection.

Learning Skills Assessment

Award winners

Learning skills are abilities students develop and exhibit in all of Brentwood’s learning spaces. By assessing these skills, teachers identify and report on students’ specific learning strengths and areas of challenge. Additionally, this approach aligns with goals published in both Brentwood’s Academic Plan and the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s new Core Competencies. This method of assessment evaluates students’ frequencies of engagement and personal responsibilities in the classroom, while fostering self-awareness and self-assessment.

There are four precise skills that are evaluated across all academic, arts, and athletic courses. Teachers evaluate if a student displays these skills rarely, occasionally, often or habitually. This evaluation is communicated to families three times per year in the formal report cards that are distributed in November, March and June alongside teachers’ comments and grades.

The four learning skills are:

1. Manages time, assignments, and materials

2. Focuses in class

3. Takes responsibility

4. Contributes positively

Learning Outside the Classroom

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Since our school is located on one kilometre of oceanfront, we are able to give our students exciting educational opportunities. Just outside our doors students can observe wildlife and habitats, collect samples, investigate biospheres and biomes, or simply surround themselves with nature. This accessibility to the ocean, as well as annual trips to wilderness learning centers like Strathcona Park Lodge or Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, allows the integration of marine biology and oceanography into our science programmes in a real and meaningful way. Learning outside the classroom is an authentic and enriching academic practice at Brentwood.

The Learning Centre

We recognize that each student is unique in how they approach their studies. The Learning Centre provides a structured, supportive and enabling environment to assist students with learning style differences to develop their own effective learning strategies. Our goal is for students to become better, more independent learners. Depending on individual needs, the program helps students understand how they learn, develop and consolidate learning skills (note-taking, time management, organization, and personal management skills, study strategies, exam taking skills, effective assistive technology and self-advocating skills) while leveraging their strengths. We work with students to build confidence and motivation to pursue success at Brentwood and beyond.  We do this in partnership with subject specific teachers and provide small group instruction, peer and individual tutoring and day-to-day guidance. Learning Centre students come to the centre 5 days a week and a ‘drop in’ model is also offered for all students on Arts afternoons.

This is article offers a student's view on the LC - Brentwood’s Learning Centre: The Students’ Perspective

"The Learning Centre is the catalyst that provides you with the materials to succeed; it's up to you to use them your way."  - current student

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