Grade 8 Day Program

Brentwood College School introduced a preparatory Grade 8 class for day students in September of 2014. This program has been a great success with students working with 2 dedicated Grade 8 teachers while being introduced to various aspects of the Brentwood 9 -12 program. Brentwood prides itself on being a modern, innovative place of learning and this program is designed to continue that tradition. While an extension of Brentwood College School, our Brentwood Grade 8 class has its own independent timetable, focus and attention. This 21st century learning environment prepares successful candidates for Brentwood’s Grade 9-12 university preparatory program and beyond. For more information about our Brentwood Grade 8 Program, please contact our Admissions office as spaces are limited for the coming school year.

Coming to Brentwood is something I will never regret. They helped me realize what we need to do to achieve the goals in our lives. I am very thankful for what Brentwood has done for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?
The admissions process for the 2019-20 school year will be open in September, 2018.

What is tuition?
Tuition can be found at

How many spaces are available?
The Grade 8 Program has capacity for approximately 20 students.

Can my child live in residence for this program?
This program is open for Day Students only.

Is this different than Brentwood College School? How?
Though it is a part of Brentwood in that the facilities and some of the programs will be accessed, the Brentwood Grade 8 Program is a unique entity designed for day students only.

Will my child be going to school 6 days a week as current students do?
Brentwood Grade 8 Program is a 5-day a week program.

What are the school hours?
8:00am – 3:30pm with exceptions for special excursions and sports commitments.

Is there busing available?
Yes.  Details on times, costs and locations are available through Admissions.

Will children be associated with houses?
At this point, there are no official house affiliations.

Why is Brentwood offering this program?
Brentwood responded to the current demands in the Cowichan Valley due to the recent government decision to remove all middle schools and integrate the Grade 8s into the high school system. Brentwood is excited to provide a unique, experiential 21st century Grade 8 program that provides a focused and challenging educational environment for local students.

Does this mean the school is going to move to Grade 8 – 12 boarding in the future?
No. Brentwood College School is a 7-day a week, boarding school for Grades 9-12. The Brentwood Grade 8 Program is designed specifically with the needs of our day students in mind.

Will attending Brentwood Grade 8 Program mean that I will automatically be able to attend Brentwood College School in Grade 9?
Each year we review the ‘fit’ for all of our students. Students who are happy, engaged, contributing positively, and finding success are typically invited back each year. Graduates of the Brentwood Grade 8 Program would likewise be considered for entrance into Grade 9 the following year.

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