Educated at distinguished universities in many countries including Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Cuba and South Africa, Brentwood teachers form a community of leaders and learners, committed to their own professional development and dedicated as mentors and pathfinders for the students in their care. As Brentonians, they are also involved in athletics and the arts. Teaching at Brentwood is a lifestyle, as well as a profession. Many who come make it their life's work.

Head of School

Bhadresh (Bud) Patel, B.Sc., M.A. (Victoria)

Deputy Head — Student Life

Liam Sullivan, B.A. (Malaspina), B.Ed. (UBC) — Basketball

Deputy Head —  Academics

Cheryl Murtland, B.Ed. (York), M.Ed. (Toronto)

Director of Admissions

Clayton Johnston, B.A. (McMaster), B.Ed., M.Div. (Toronto)

Director of Arts

Edna Widenmaier, B.A. (Guelph), M.A. (Toronto) — English, Musical Theatre, Theatre Manager

Director of Athletics

Blake Gage, B.A. (Western), M.B.A. (Victoria) — Basketball, Business Studies 

Director of University Counselling

Rick Rodrigues, B.Ed. (Manitoba) — Physics

Director of Teaching and Learning

Harold Wardrop, B.Sc. (UBC), Math

Houseparent of Alexandra House

Jenna Warner, B.Sc., B.Ed. (Manitoba) — Biology, Field Hockey, Science

Houseparent of Allard House

Adriane Rogers BEd (UVIC) - Learning Centre - Allard Houseparent

Houseparent of Ellis House

Mark Wismer, B.A. (McGill), B.Ed. (Ottawa) — Metamorphosis 9, Rowing, Social Studies

Houseparent of Hope House

Karen Hedquist, B.A. (Victoria), M.A. (Heriot-Watt, UK) — English

Houseparent of Mackenzie House

Susanna Cheung Robinson, B.Sc. (UBC), B.Ed. (Calgary) — Biology, Science, Metamorphosis 9

Houseparent of Privett House

Ron Neufeld, B.Sc. (Victoria) — Biology, Chemistry, Science

Houseparent of Rogers House

Ken Snow, B.Sc. (Victoria) — Chemistry, Science

Houseparent of Whittall House

Blake Gage, B.A. (Western), M.B.A. (Victoria) — Basketball, Business Studies

Instructional Leaders

Robyn Amiel,  B.A. (Victoria), M.Ed. (Washington State) - Indigenous Studies Coordinator, History


Paul Collis, B.A. (UBC), M.Lit. (St Andrews, UK) — English, Soccer


Steven Prokopchuk, B.Sc., B.Ed. (Alberta) — Mathematics

Modern Languages

Marco Bequer Hernández, M.A. French (Horizons, Paris), M.Ed. (Memorial), Licentiate in Education (Instituto Superior Pedagógico, Cuba) — French, Spanish


Scott Doehler, B .Sc., B.Ed. (Queen’s) — Geology, Robotics, Science, Metamorphosis 9


Listed alphabetically

Jacqueline Albinati, Bachelor of Arts (Universite Laval, Quebec), Bachelor of Education (Universite Sainte Anne, Nova Scotia), Master of Education ( University of Phoenix, Phoenix), Executive Master of Business in Global Leadership (University of Fredericton, NB, French

Justine Backlund B.F.A (SFU) M.St (Oxford), English, Brentwood Broadcast

Lucre Balbiani - BA Argentina Catholic University, BEd VIU - Spanish

April Barnes, BA (UOttawa) BFA, Alex House

Wesley Barrett, B.A. Rec and Health, Assistant House Parent Ellis, Head Soccer Coach

Jessica Beausoliel, University Counselling and Career Education

Doug Branchflower, B.A. (Saskatchewan), B.Ed. (Alberta) — Business, Rugby, Social Studies

Laurel Calhoun, CAT(C), BAHSc. Athletic Therapy (Sheridan College), B.Sc. Kinesiology (Waterloo), Head Athletic Therapist

Brian Carr, B.A., (Victoria), Social Studies, Geography, Rowing

Emily Carroll, Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Human Kinetics - University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Education - Health & Physical Education & Biology - University of Ottawa, Professional Masters of Education - Teaching Abroad - Queen’s University - Science, Chemistry

Cheyne Cole, B.A. (Nipissing University) English and Religion Studies - BFA (Whittall)

Toby Collis-Handford, B.A.(UBC) B.Ed (UBC), English, Soccer

Kate Coull, B.Sc. (Guelph), B.Ed. (Queen’s), University Counselling, Mathematics

Steve Cowie, B.A., M.A. (Victoria), History, Social Studies, Rugby

Tegwyn Curtis, BSocSci (UOttawa) - BFA (Mackenzie)

Rebecca Day-Reynolds, B.A. (University College Cork, Ireland), English, Cross Country

Mario DeSandoli, B.Ed. (University of Victoria), Mathematics, Hope Assistant Houseparent

Paul Fletcher, Photography

Jill Fougner, B.A. (Victoria), Soccer, Volleyball

Katie Foreman, Bachelor of Arts (University of Victoria) - BFA (Allard)

Jim Ganley, B.A. (Trent), B.Ed. (Toronto), M.A. (Toronto), English, News, Yearbook, BEAT Sponsor

Pascal Girard, Computer Engineering, B.A.Sc. (Queen’s University) — Robotics, Computer Science, BFA (Privett House)

Sarah Hall, B.Ed. (Vancouver Island University), B.A. (University of Victoria) Social Studies, Metamorphosis 9, Learning Centre, Cross Training

Sharon Hall, BA, PDP (SFU), French, French Immersion, Social Studies

Sean Hacker Teper, B.A. (Boston University), M. Sc. (Memorial University), B. Ed. (UBC Okanagan) - Science, Biology

Aidan Hepburn B.A. (McGill) BFA Ellis House, Climbing

Michelle Legassicke, B.A. (Uvic), M.A. (Waterloo)  - Social Studies, Debate, MUN, Public Speaking

Giselle Lawrence, BSc. Engineering (PUCP), MSc. (Wales), Physics and Science

John Luna, M.F.A. (Calgary), B.F.A. (Victoria), Foundation Art, Studio Art AP, Art History, Gallery Curator

Julie Luna, B.A. (Victoria) Hand Built Pottery

Joseph Madigan, B.A (University of Victoria) Rowing, Ceramics, English - BFA (Whittall)

Spencer Manton, Sports Marketing and Management B.A. Sc. (Indiana University) BFA Coordinator, Volleyball, Basketball, Strength & Conditioning and Rowing Coach, Rowing Coordinator, BFA (Allard House)

Scott McGill, JBMusic - Jazz (VIU), Rock Band

Connor McGuigan - BSc (UVic), Diploma in Secondary Ed. (UVic) - Metamorphosis 9, Science

Justin MacDonald, HBBA (Wilfrid Laurier University), MS Ed (Canisius College), CPA, CA - Business

Michael Miller, B.Sc. (Guelph), M.Sc. (Saskatchewan), P.D.P.P. (Victoria); Biology

Murryn Miller - BFA (Alex)

Julie Murray - Health, B-Well Sponsor

Jillian Napier, B.B.A. (Laurier), B.Ed. (Brock), MBA (UVic), Economics, Basketball

Learning Centre

Gillian Nasmith, B.A (UVic), B. Ed., M.A (VIU); Assistant House Parent Mackenzie House

Phil Newns, A.R.C.T., R.M.T. — Music Director

Dan Norman, B.Ed. (Ottawa) B.Sc. (Western), Mathematics, Head of Outdoor Pursuits

Amica Pasquale B.FA. (Emily Carr), BFA (Hope), Graphic Art and Design

Vittorio (Vito) Pasquale - B.A. (Geography, History) UVIC, B.Ed. (Social Studies) UBC, Social Studies, Basketball

Tammie Ramsay - Assistant Houseparent Whittall House, Grad Sponsor, SAC Sponsor, Weight Training, Interhouse Coordinator

Amanda Ramundi, B.Sc. (Hons.) (University of Toronto Mississauga), MEd. (Ottawa) - Grade 8 Science and Mathematics.

Laura Richardson, B.A. (SFU), B.Ed. (UBC), Psychology, Social Studies

Neil Robinson, B.A., B,.Ed., M.A. (Calgary) Social Studies, Hockey, Metamorphosis 9

Jan Roeth - BFA Eliis, Soccer

Tanya Scheck, B.Sc. (Victoria) — Strength Training & Conditioning, Volleyball 

Emily Singh, BA Double Major in Kinesiology and English Literature from the University of Western Ontario
B.Ed with IB Educator Certificate from the University of New Brunswick - BFA (Hope)

Ryan Skardal, B.A., B.Ed. (Brandon) — Cross Country, English

Phil Smith, B.Ed. (Victoria), M.A. (Waterloo) — Assistant Houseparent of Allard House, Mathematics, Rugby

Daryl Stevens - B.Ed.(University of Victoria), M.A.L.T. (Royal Roads University), Ed.D. (University of Western Ontario), Teacher Librarian

Erin Stevens - B.Sc (UBC), P.D.P.P (Victoria), Mathematics

Shane Thompson, M.Ed. (Victoria) — Assistant Houseparent of Rogers House, Rugby, Grade 8 PE

Maria Wang BMus (West Virginia), MMus (UVIC), String & Wind Ensembles

Jordan Warner, B.Sc., B.Ed. (Manitoba) — Golf, Mathematics, Basketball

Kim Waugh, B.A. (University of Victoria) P.D.P.P.(University of Victoria) M. Ed. (Royal Roads University) Diploma in Teacher-Librarianship (University of British Columbia) - Grade 8 Program Coordinator, Humanities Teacher

Teagan West B.A. (Hons.) (UBC), BFA (Privett)

Sarah Wolinsky, B.A., B.Ed., M.A. (Queen’s) — Assistant Houseparent of Privett House, Mathematics, Outdoor Pursuits

Jasmine Yang B.A. (Waterloo), Mandarin, BFA (Mackenzie)

Brentwood Logo

Bud Patel

Bud Patel

B.A., M.A. (Victoria) — Head of School

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Mr. Patel emigrated, at the age of 2, to Calgary, Canada. After attending boarding school from Grades 9 to 12, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1989 from the University of Victoria. From 1993 to 2001, Mr. Patel taught, coached, and house parented (both boys and girls dorms) at Shawnigan Lake School before moving into an administrative role at St. George's School in Vancouver, where he was appointed as Deputy Headmaster / Principal of the Senior School in 2006. He, his wife, Wendy, and two daughters, Mitali and Antara are enthusiastic residents of the Brentwood campus they call home.

David McCarthy

David McCarthy

M.A. (Cambridge University, U.K.) Director of Academics, Chemistry, Biology, BEAT supervisor

Raised in the industrial heartland of northwest England, David McCarthy took the road from Wigan Pier to Cambridge University where he studied biochemistry and applied biology. After teaching for seven years in his hometown, he and his Vancouver-born wife, Lisa, transplanted themselves to Brentwood in 1987. There, he coached rugby, taught biology and chemistry, and was a houseparent to the boys of Ellis House for the next 17 years. A year's sabbatical in 2005 gave him strength for the position of Director of Academics, a role which he held until 2015. He then moved into the newly created role of Director of Learning until July 2020. He continues to teach (AP) Biology and (AP) Environmental Science as a member of the science department and in his part-time teaching role now has more time for grandchildren and gardening.

Clayton Johnston

Clayton Johnston

B.A. (McMaster), B.Ed., M.Div. (Toronto) Director of Admissions

Seeking a change of pace after teaching for six years on a tiny island in the Bahamas, Mr. Johnston and his wife, Kate, moved to Brentwood in 1994 and have lived on campus ever since. A graduate of McMaster University (Bachelor of Arts) and the University of Toronto (Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Education), Mr. Johnston has served as an assistant houseparent (Privett), houseparent (Rogers), teacher of philosophy and humanities, head basketball coach, Director of Residence, and Director of Campus Life. In 2006, he was appointed Director of Admissions. Regardless of his job description, Mr. Johnston has remained loyal to his great passion: helping Brentwood to grow as a giving and caring community of future leaders and stewards. Mr. Johnston finds joy in the company of his wife, his two daughters, their menagerie of animals, and his beloved guitars.

Edna Widenmaier

Edna Widenmaier

Hons. B.A. (Guelph), M.A. ( Toronto-Massey College), T.T. University of B.C. Drama Centre, London, England (Directing Programme), Director of Arts, English, Musical, Theatre Manager

A graduate of the Masters Degree programme in English and Drama, Massey College, the University of Toronto, and the Drama Centre in London, England, Edna Widenmaier has enjoyed over two decades of teaching experience in English, dram,a and musical theatre. After several years in the real business, including management of Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto and Canadian Place Theatre in Stratford, she began her teaching career in Vancouver. Since joining the Brentwood faculty in 1990, Mrs. Widenmaier has tap danced as a teacher of English, drama, and musical theatre, and Head of the English Department before her present appointments as Theatre Manager of the T. Gil Bunch Centre for Performing Arts, and Head of Arts. Her experience as a setter of exams for the Ministry of Education and a reader and faculty consultant for the College Board supports her passion for teaching Advanced Placement English Literature and her obsession as a "bardologist". Mrs. Widenmaier also directs and produces the annual Brentwood spring musical. At home in the summer with her husband, Michael, Mrs. Widenmaier enjoys puttering in the garden and reading.

Blake Gage

B.A. (University of Victoria), M.B.A. (University of Western Ontario), Director of Athletics, Business, Basketball

A member of both the Humanities and Business departments, Blake Gage joined the Brentwood faculty in 2004 after a career as a management consultant and professional basketball player. A recent graduate of the National Coaching Institute (Level IV), Mr. Gage is often found in the gym working with anyone who shares his love of basketball. Following an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Western Ontario, Mr. Gage realized a life-long goal by playing basketball professionally in a number of different European leagues. Upon his return home, he completed his M.B.A at the University of Victoria with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. He worked locally as a marketing manager before accepting a position as a management consultant in the United States where he helped establish best practices for organizations in a variety of industries. After two years away, Mr. Gage and his wife, Robin, made the easy decision to return to Vancouver Island, raise a family, and allow Mr. Gage to pursue his passion for teaching and coaching youth. The Gages have two children.

Rick Rodrigues

Rick Rodrigues

B.Ed. (Manitoba) — Director of University Counselling, Physics

Mr. Rodrigues has been at Brentwood since 2002, another convert to West Coast living who arrived from Winnipeg where he had received his B.Ed. from the University of Manitoba. A man of many talents, Mr. Rodrigues can be found in the lab theatrically teaching the beauty of physics or in the University Counselling office passionately advising senior students in their post-secondary pursuits. Singer, actor, physicist, counsellor: Mr. Rodrigues is a true Renaissance man about the campus. Mr. Rodrigues lives in Privett House as the '3rd Man' with his lovely wife Jennifer and son Edward.

Eileen Mais

Eileen Mais

B.A. (University of the West Indies), Dip.Lib.Ed. (University of British Columbia) Library

Born and raised in Jamaica, Eileen Mais obtained her B.A. and Diploma in Education from the University of the West Indies. Following in her mother's footsteps as a teacher, she taught geography for several years in Kingston before moving to Vancouver Island in 1985. Having left a teachers' strike in Jamaica only to encounter one here in the public system, she immediately enrolled three of her four sons at Brentwood. While an assistant in Alexandra House, Mrs. Mais earned her Diploma in Teacher Librarianship from the University of British Columbia, thus equipping herself to assume full responsibility for the library. She is now the much loved houseparent of Alexandra House. The greatest irony for Mrs. Mais is being mother to 50 girls, having raised only boys. Her sons, professionals in different countries, provide exotic travel destinations for her school holidays. Mrs. Mais also returns to Jamaica every summer to keep her accent refreshed and inimitable.

Liam Sullivan

B.A. (Malaspina University-College), B.Ed. (UBC) Social Studies, Basketball

Liam Sullivan began working at Brentwood College School in 2007, taking a position as an assistant Houseparent in Whittall House. He worked with Mr. Gage for three years in Whittall House while teaching Social Studies and coaching the junior boys’ basketball team, before accepting the role as Houseparent of Ellis House from 2010 to 2018. After a year living off campus, Mr. Sullivan took the role of Deputy Head of School in 2019 and has returned to live on the campus that he has grown to love. After watching his two children attend and graduate from Brentwood he appreciates the opportunities provided by this wonderful place even more.

Karen Hedquist

Karen Hedquist

B.A. (University of Victoria), M.A. (Heriot-Watt University, U.K.) Hope Houseparent, English

After graduating from the University of Victoria with an undergraduate degree in English and History, Karen Hedquist moved to Japan, where she taught English, tried to learn Japanese, and explored much of Japan and Europe by bicycle. In 1994, she moved to Edinburgh to earn her Master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Still unsure of her destiny, she thought she'd return to her native West Coast for a bit before moving abroad again. After six years at Collingwood in West Vancouver, the Island beckoned, however, and so 2002 found Ms Hedquist at Brentwood College, where she, her husband, and two young daughters live on campus. Ms Hedquist teaches English and is the houseparent of Hope House.

Susanna Cheung Robinson

Susanna Cheung Robinson

B.Sc. (UBC), B.Ed. (Calgary), Houseparent MacKenzie House, Science, Metamorphosis 9

Susanna was born in Hong Kong but her family immigrated to Canada when she was 6 months old. She grew up in Calgary and was drawn to the West Coast and so attended UBC and completed a BSc majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Psychology. After completing that degree she returned to Calgary and decided to go into the education field. Susanna completed the Education program at UofC and started working at a Charter school. She worked there from 2001 to 2011 with two breaks for maternity leaves (her two boys). Her love of the ocean and the outdoors has brought her and her family to the coast in 2011. She enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and SCUBA diving. Susanna could spend hours mucking about in the tide pools and the intertidal zone, or even just looking out her office window at the seals sunbathing on the docks.

Ron Neufeld

B.Sc. (University of Victoria) Privett Houseparent, Science, Teacher Liaision – Technology

The eldest of four brothers, Ron Neufeld developed the current model for all learning paradigms: children will believe anything you tell them, and this can be amusing. Realizing that tall tales would fare much better with the authority of science, Mr. Neufeld studied biochemistry at the University of Victoria where he also completed his professional teaching year. He joined the Brentwood faculty in 1999 as a science teacher. Since 2003, Mr. Neufeld - also known as Starship Commander - has been the houseparent of Privett House. He is currently owned by two cats, 50 Privett boys, 80 science students, a SmartBoard, and two computers. He is happily married to Lisa, a computer specialist, with whom he has a daughter and a son.

Paul Collis

Paul Collis

B.A. (UBC), M.Lit., (St. Andrews, U.K.) Head of English, Soccer

Head of the English Department, the senior Privett man, and sartorial inspiration for multitudes of Brentwood students, Paul Collis teaches English 10, Language and Composition 11AP, and Literature 12. With an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia, a Masters in Shakespeare from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, no experience as a long snapper for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a teaching diploma from the University of Victoria, Mr. Collis ensured that he remained in school in perpetuity by joining the Brentwood faculty in 1998. When not brandishing semi-colons to the reluctant or championing Dickens to the incredulous, Mr. Collis coaches soccer year round at BCS and then returns on his bicycle to Cobble Hill, where he, his wife, Karen Handford, and their children spend many pleasant hours reenacting great scenes from Pickwick Papers.

Harold Wardrop

Harold Wardrop

B.Sc. (UBC) Director of Teaching and Learning, Math

Born and raised in Ontario, Mr. Wardrop received his B.Sc. with a major in mathematics at the University of British Columbia. At Simon Fraser University, he completed his professional teaching certification, a post-baccalaureate diploma in education, and met his lovely wife, Sharon. After eight years of teaching mathematics in Surrey, he joined the Brentwood faculty in 2002. In addition to his teaching, Mr. Wardrop has also developed and co-authored textbooks for Grades 10, 11, and 12, all of which are currently used across Western Canada and the Territories. He is a passionate teacher of mathematics and in 2011 received a National Prime Minister's Award for teaching excellence. He spent 14 years as the mathematics department head and in 2020 will embark upon a new chapter in his career as the Director of Teaching and Learning. He is the proud father of two Brentwood graduates (Caitlin, Mackenzie 2016 and Connor, Ellis 2018) and in his free time he enjoys ripping up the trails in the Cowichan Valley on his mountain bike.

Marco Hernandez

Marco Hernandez

Licentiate in Education (Instituto Superior Pedagógico, Cuba)  M.A. Ed. Tech. (Memorial), M.A. French (Horizons, Paris), Head of the Modern Language Department

Originally from Cuba, Marco graduated from a pedagogical university in language teaching where he studied English and later French in a language school. He holds two international degrees in foreign languages: English and French and also a professional specialization certificate in teaching French Immersion from the University of Victoria. Marco has over 2 decades of experience teaching languages, mainly Spanish and French. In Cuba he opened his own language school. Marco puts into practice the communicative approach in his classes and the use of technology to boost students' learning in languages. He is always looking for the best methodological method to obtain good results in his teaching and incorporates his Cuban culture into his classes. He also likes cooking good food, loves playing baseball and making friends.

Scott Doehler

B.Sc. (Hons) and B.Ed. (Queen’s University) Instructional Leader Science, Metamorphosis 9

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, the son of two teachers, Mr. Doehler has, along with many fellow Canadians, opposed Earth’s rotation and slowly drifted west. After backpacking around the world for a year following university, Mr. Doehler enjoyed ten great years teaching junior high school in Edmonton and Calgary before shifting to ‘Island time’ and joining the Brentwood faculty. He has an absolute passion for the rocks, raw power, and beauty of our planet, and champions courses in Earth Science and Geology. When not in one of the science labs, Mr. Doehler can be found in the cavernous Robotics room in the Centre for Arts and Humanaities, exploring mechanics and programming with a dedicated fleet of student roboticists. Outside of the wonderful whirlwind that is Brentwood, Mr. Doehler joins his wife Marianne – a fellow geologist - in passions for vocal music, snowboarding, and backcountry hiking. Summiting Kilimanjaro in Africa, and taking their 8-month-old son on his first month-long camping trip throughout Alaska and the Yukon exemplify the travel ‘bug’ that has so thoroughly bitten them both. Mr. and Mrs. Doehler now live off campus with three wonderful children, one dog, two cats, three rats, though they can count numerous adopted sons still on campus from their five years as Assistant Houseparents in Privett House.

Neil Robinson

B.A., B,.Ed., M.A. (Calgary) Social Studies, Hockey, Metamorphosis 9

Having grown up in the mountains of eastern British Columbia without much television to speak of, Mr. Robinson is drawn to the great outdoors at every opportunity. After completing high school he ventured to the University of Calgary to complete several degrees including his Master's Degree which was focused in the area of gifted and talented learning. He has a passion for all things athletic and particularly enjoys golf, soccer, volleyball, and hockey. Mr. Robinson's passions can be found in human rights, volunteerism, and travel. In a perfect world, he'd like to do all three at the same time. It comes as no surprise then, that he lead Brentwood's inaugural Service Learning trip to Peru and to grew our relationship with Mosqoy, a non-profit organization that focuses its resources in promoting the success of marginalized indigenous peoples from the Sacred Valley.

Phil Newns

A.R.C.T., R.M.T.  Head of Music. Musical Theater, Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz Show Choir, AP Music Theory, Administration

Phil is well known as a jazz pianist, vocalist, bandleader and educator. He studied music at the University of Natal in South Africa and later through the University of Toronto. In 1990, as Canadian Champion, Phil represented Canada in the Yamaha International Organ Festival held in Mexico City that year placing 6th in the world. His extensive professional career credits include: 1991 British Columbia Winter Games score, Festival Producer and Corporate Entertainer, Music Director of many major theatrical productions - most recently The In the Heights, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, and Artistic Director / Producer for Choirs in Concert; a children's charity. Phil is also an accomplished arranger for theatre and dance companies. His jazz bands, choirs, and private students achieve top honors in festivals across Canada each year including the annual Nationals - Music Fest Canada. As a professional musician, Phil can be found on weekends playing piano at venues such as the Ocean Point Resort and the Grand Hotel Pacific in Victoria or with his jazz band "The Hot Velvet Jazz Band" at various events and venues.

Oliver Amiel

B.Sc. (McGill) Whittall Assistant Houseparent, Chemistry, Rugby, Strength and Conditioning

"Where are you from?" is an interesting question for Mr. Amiel and not one easily answered. Born on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, his family moved to Vancouver, then to Calgary, New Zealand, and back to the Sunshine Coast, all in 13 years. With a healthy amount of time spent in England over that same time period, Mr. Amiel was accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle when he landed at Brentwood in grade 8. He developed a love of science during his 5 years at Brentwood and moved on to live in Montreal and attend McGill for six years, where he studied a wide range of sciences, but found his greatest passion to be Chemistry. He promptly left Canada after graduation, moving to South Korea, where he taught English for one year, and then moved to Melbourne, Australia. He acquired his Diploma of Education there and worked at three schools over seven years. During that time, Mr. Amiel fell in love with the Australian High Country and the pursuit of outdoor activities. He returned to Canada in early in 2011 and met the love of his life, Robyn, that spring, whom he married in the summer of 2013. They now both live and work at Brentwood... with their son Gavin and dog Mya.

Robyn Amiel

Robyn Amiel

Robyn Amiel,  B.A. (Victoria), M.Ed. (Washington State) - Indigenous Studies Coordinator, History

After moving around Canada and living on several military bases, Robyn and her family settled back in Victoria to embrace coastal living and to be closer to extended family. After rowing for the University of Victoria and for various provincial teams, Mrs Amiel graduated with a Bachelor of History and went on to pursue a career in hospitality management. Managing a guest services department at a ski resort proved to be short-lived, as the lure of Brentwood was enticing. After coaching rowing and teaching social studies at the school for three years, Mrs Amiel took a short hiatus to coach NCAA Division 1 rowing and complete her Masters of Education degree in curriculum and instruction at Washington State University. In addition to teaching history since returning in 2012, Mrs Amiel has also enjoyed coaching senior rowing and working for Rowing BC and Rowing Canada at the U21 level during the summer months. She loves calling the Cowichan Valley home, along with her husband, two children, and yellow lab. When not working, Mrs Amiel is out sea kayaking, hiking the Rockies, or camping around the Island.

Wesley Barrett


B.A. Rec and Health, Assistant House Parent - Ellis, Head Soccer Coach

Born and raised in Richmond BC, Wesley is going into his 4th year at Brentwood and 3rd year as head of soccer. He moved over to Victoria at 19 to go to the University of Victoria to pursue his post-secondary education and play Varsity Soccer for the Vikes. Wesley played soccer for the Vikes from 2008-2013. The highlight of his university career was winning the National Championship on home soil in 2011. He finished a degree in Recreation and Health in May of 2015. Wesley has spent the last 10 years coaching soccer, mostly in Victoria and the lower mainland. Wesley co-founded an organization called EPIC Sport Management Society and he continues to run and facilitate EPIC while working at Brentwood. Within EPIC Wesley is now the Head Coach and Franchise Owner of Vancouver Island Football Club (VIFC). VIFC competes in the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) in the spring/summer months which Is a semi-pro women's league right below the Pro Women's League (NWSL). Wesley has a very close connection to a multitude of Canadian University soccer programs.

Jessica Beausoliel

B.A.(Brock), B.Ed. (Glasgow) - University Counselling and Career Education

Jess joins the Brentwood University Counselling and Social Studies team from Ontario. After graduating from Brock University in St. Catherines with a BA in Human Geography and Spanish, she lived in Madrid and wandered Europe before deciding to complete her B.Ed at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. 

She was a Guidance Counsellor and High School teacher on a reserve in northern Saskatchewan for two years, and left the -55 degree winters to take on a Guidance role at Toronto French School. Still not satisfied with the bitter cold weather, she sold her parka and fled west. 

Jess is passionate about all things sports, and has coached girls volleyball for the last three years. When she isn't teaching, you can find her in a kayak, yoga studio, or looking for the next place to travel to explore volcanoes and other geothermal activity. 

Lorraine Blake

Lorraine Blake

F.I.S.T.D., R.A.D. Dance, Choreography, Theatre Administration

Born eighteen miles south of London, England, Lorraine Blake completed her high school education in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). By age sixteen, her training allowed her to dance with the Bulawayo City Ballet Company, both locally and on several National Tours. Ms. Blake’s teacher training took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, and teaching posts at studios in England and Zimbabwe followed. Working closely with girls through dance, paved the way for her appointment as Houseparent of Gwynneth House (now Allard House), dance teacher and choreographer at Brentwood College School. Ms. Blake travels extensively while examining for the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, has adjudicated local festivals, and choreographs dance and musical theatre productions for all ages. 

Neil Bryant

B.Sc. (Victoria) Chemistry, Science, Debating, Law

Teaching at a school like Brentwood has allowed for a broad population of students to be taught. Neil gets to enjoy instructing solubility a chemistry class, explaining torts in Law 12 class, then heading off talk about logical fallacies in debate class after lunch. Although little in his university bachelor's degree predicted this kind of diversity, he is truly grateful for the chance Brentwood affords him to teach students to look at the world through both molecular, moral, and critically-thought lenses. Occasionally, he also rides a bike for exercise.

Brian Carr

Brian Carr

B.A. (Victoria)  Social Studies, Rowing

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Brian Carr came to Canada in 1964 with his parents and younger brother, Rory. The Carr family moved onto the Brentwood campus in the fall of 1965 where the senior Mr. Carr served as Houseparent for 19 years. After Brentwood, Brian attended the University of Washington as a rower and fledgling geographer. Graduation from the University of Victoria brought him back to the Cowichan Valley where he taught at Frances Kelsey Secondary School before answering his primal urge to return to Brentwood. A busy member of the Social Studies Department, he is also a coach and former Head of Rowing of the Brentwood College Rowing Club. Brian's wife, Leslie Reid Carr, taught Spanish and French at the school and was the houseparent of Allard House 2007-2019. Their daughter, Natalie (2011) and son Aidan (2014) both graduated from Brentwood.

Kate Coull

Kate Coull

B.Sc. (Guelph), B.Ed. (Queen’s) University Counselling, Mathematics

After growing up in Peterborough, Ontario and receiving her B.Sc (University of Guelph) and B.Ed (Queen’s University), Kate Coull taught mathematics and calculus for three years in Ontario before making the decision to move to New Zealand in 1987. What was initially to be a two year teaching experience in New Zealand followed by world travel, Kate met her Kiwi husband, David, within days of setting foot on NZ soil and ended up staying there for 10 years. During that time Kate taught senior mathematics and Calculus and helped produce a new form 5 Math textbook along with a team of 3 other math teachers. During this time, Kate and David welcomed the birth of their son, Ben, a Brentwood lifer and grad 2010. On a family holiday to the Island, Kate first visited Brentwood in 1991, initiating the desire to one day teach at our school. Returning to Canada in 1997, Kate taught for eight years at Queen Margaret’s School where she was Head of the Mathematics/Science Department and Director of Residence. In 2005 Kate joined Aspengrove School, an independent school on Vancouver Island, and helped initiate many new programs at the school in addition to teaching math, AP Calculus and running the University Counselling and Outdoor Education programs. Passionate about math, Kate also enjoys running, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with her family in Mill Bay.

Steve Cowie

Steve Cowie

B.A., M.A. (Victoria) History, Social Studies, Rugby

A native of sunny Kelowna, British Columbia, Steve Cowie graduated with honours from the University of Victoria in 1975, majoring in history and English, then completed his Masters in history in 1976. He has played rugby for the UVic Vikings, Castaways, the Island Crimson Tide, and Cowichan. As the second longest serving member of the Brentwood faculty, Mr. Cowie is a "lifer" seven times over and now teaches the sons and daughters of students he taught in the early years. He has taught history, geography, English, and law, while coaching at every level of rugby, basketball, golf and tennis. He has had the priviledge of coaching the girls rugby team as well as the Island Tsunami U18 girls team. Though Dr. Johnson defined a historian as "a hopeless drudge", Mr. Cowie tries to make history come alive in the classroom with his passion for teaching and his belief that inspiration and encouragement are the greatest motivators. He likes to think this keeps him eternally young at heart. Mr. Cowie and his wife, Sheila, have two sons - David and Nathan.

Gillian Nasmith

B.A (UVic), B. Ed., M.Ed. (VIU); Assistant Houseparent - Mackenzie

Gillian was born in Vancouver, and in spite of a stint growing up in Prince George, has spent the rest of her life on the West Coast. After a 20 year career as a Dental Hygienist, teaching people about their Oral Health, she returned to school to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a teacher. Gillian earned her B.A. in English Literature from UVIC in 1989. During her time at UVIC she was an integral member of the rowing team in the role of coxswain. In 2010, she gained her B.Ed. degree from Vancouver Island University, and in 2013 she completed her M.Ed. in Special Education. She joined the faculty after an eight-year residency at Shawnigan Lake School where she was a dorm parent, English teacher, Learning Support teacher and Rowing Coach. At Brentwood, Gillian is the Instructional Leader of the Learning Centre and the Mackenzie House Assistant Houseparent. Her personal philosophy of education involves inspiring the whole person to achieve the best that they are capable of in all aspects of their lives. Her greatest passion, besides teaching, is being in the mountains.

Rebecca Day-Reynolds

Rebecca Day Reynolds

B.A. (University College Cork, Ireland) English, Cross Country

A campaign of wheedling and insistence that began in 1999 and spanned two administrations ended successfully for Rebecca Day Reynolds when she was invited to join the Department of English near the close of the 2004-2005 academic year. A Brentonian herself (1980), Mrs. Reynolds returned to the school she loves after teaching English in the Alberta college system for a number of years and living, studying, working, and playing on three continents during a gleeful nine year hiatus from North American life. Mrs. Reynolds' eclectic employment history spans a bizarre spectrum: she has worked as a ghost-writer, an editor, an Irish barmaid, a course writer, a phone canvasser, a minor bureaucrat, a fundraiser, a barn-mucker, an instructor of "Gymboree" and "Babyswim," and a reader for audio books. Her hobbies include working at Brentwood and gratuitously correcting the grammar of others. The proud mother of three Brentonians, Mrs. Reynolds lives in Mill Bay with her husband, a physician, and their menagerie of obese and semi-obese pets.

Peggy Elmes

B.Ed. (UBC) Ceramics

Although Peggy Elmes grew up in Vancouver and spent many rainy West Coast days playing in the mud, her interest in pottery only began after she enrolled in high school art class. She went on to earn her degree in Art Education from UBC in 1981 and has been teaching high school art ever since. During previous teaching contracts in public school, she served as guidance counsellor and art teacher. Her disciplines include drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and photography. She joined Brentwood in 1996 to teach ceramics and enjoys helping young artists find their true talents in that glorious mud called clay. In 2006, she joined the staff of Rogers House and is a surrogate "mum" to 50 boys. Mrs. Elmes is also a working ceramic artist in her studio, River's Edge Pottery. She is involved in a variety of local shows and many of her pieces have been collected internationally.

Paul Fletcher

Traditional and Digital Photography

As a teenager, Paul Fletcher found his passion for photography. His photographs, in his current association with Los Angeles-based Getty images, have been published worldwide and his photographic artwork hangs in many homes, galleries, and businesses. In 1998, Mr. Fletcher produced Somenos: The Grandfathers Spoke to Me, a photographic and poetic celebration of the Somenos Marsh Conservation Area. When not teaching at Brentwood, Mr. Fletcher spends his time traveling the world, usually in third world countries, documenting the beauty, socio economic conditions and the environment of the places he visits.

Jill Fougner

B.A (University of Victoria) Head of Volleyball, Soccer

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Jill Fougner competed in a wide variety of sports as a child. Her teenage years were divided busily between softball and volleyball. Ms. Fougner was a member of the BC championship teams and was a member of the BC volleyball team for four years. At the age of 18, she was selected to join Canada's national volleyball team; shortly after she re-located to the national training centre in Ottawa, she represented her nation in the 1982 World Volleyball championships in Peru. After playing for the national team, Ms. Fougner competed for the University of Victoria where she was named to the Inter-University Athletic Unions All-Canadian team four times. She was also named best setter at the 1989 national championships. Upon graduating from the University of Victoria with a degree in psychology, Ms. Fougner moved to Australia to play professional beach volleyball. Her retirement from this immodestly clad sport brought her home to Victoria where she led the coaching staff of University of Victoria varsity volleyball programme for seven years. Ms. Fougner joined the Brentwood coaching staff in 2000, and became Assistant Houseparent of Gwynneth House, now Allard, in 2001. She is currently the head of the volleyball programme. Along with her assistant coach, Mike Minckler, Ms. Fougner coached the Brentwood senior girls volleyball team to back-to-back provincial championship titles in 2006 and 2007. She was the assistant coach for Team BC in 2007 which won the gold medal at the Western Canada Games and was named volleyball coach of the year for Vancouver Island (2006-2007). Ms. Fougner and her husband Paul have two children.

Jim Ganley

B.A. (Trent), B.Ed. (Toronto), M.A. (Toronto) English, BEAT Sponsor, Brentwood Blog & News, Yearbook

Parents with a sense of adventure took Jim from his childhood home in sleepy Peterborough, Ontario, to encounter his adolescence in Kingston, Jamaica and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Along the way, he attended numerous independent schools as either a student or teacher. These included  International School of Tanganyika, Lakefield College, Trinity College, and Shawnigan Lake School. In between, Mr. Ganley earned an Honours B.A. in English from Trent, a B.Ed. and M.A. from the University of Toronto and developed a passion for travelling backwards over water in narrow rowing shells which he pursued enthusiastically for 25 years. Jim is currently the editor of the Yearbook, Brentwood Blog and Website News. Jim and his wife, Jillian, are raising their three children in the peaceful beauty of the Cowichan Valley. In moments of boyish indulgence, Jim can be found playing hockey with similar, silver-haired skaters at the Kerry Park Arena.

David Hunwick

B.A. (Ravensbourne), 3-D Design

David graduated from the sculpture program at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design (London, UK) in 1985. After graduating, he trained as a teacher of art and design; he has been teaching and exhibiting for over 30 years. His sculptures can be found in many private and public collections in the UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada. In 2001 David immigrated to Canada and continued to teach and exhibit. In 2008 David set up The Sculpture Studio located in downtown Victoria. David specializes in the instruction of mould making, casting, and expressive sculpture. In 2009-2010 David was commissioned to work on The Blue Whale Project for UBC, moulding and casting over 71 pieces of the blue whale skeleton as well as re-sculpting the skull. In 2012, David worked as artist-in-residence at the Gitskan Art Centre in Hazelton, teaching First Nations carvers how to mould and cast their artifacts and also moulded and cast an 8 ft totem. In September 2013, David started teaching in the exceptional 3-D design facilities at Brentwood. In his spare time he enjoys outdoor pursuits, theatre, travelling, and interpretative dance. He is the proud father of two sons and two cats. 

Giselle Lawrence

BSc. Engineering (PUCP), MSc. (Wales), BEd. UBC. Physics and Science

Giselle was born and raised in Peru. She holds a BSc and an Engineering Title from Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP), and, as a British Government Scholar, she obtained an MSc from University of Wales, UK. She worked as an engineer for more than a decade in different projects in South America and taught engineering courses at PUCP. In the year 2000, she moved to Canada with her family and, a few years later, she decided to fulfill a dream that she had when she was a high school student, to become a high school teacher. She obtained her B.Ed from UBC and started teaching in Vancouver in the year 2007. There she taught mostly Physics and Calculus but she also had the opportunity of teaching Spanish and Geography. In 2018, she received the Canadian Association of Physicists Award for excellence in teaching Physics. This award recognized not only her innovative approach to teaching but also her efforts in support of the training of future science teachers as a sessional lecturer in the Faculty of Education of the University of British Columbia and her volunteer efforts in support of the professional development of science teachers in BC and Peru. Currently, she is very happy sharing her passion for learning with her Physics and Science students at Brentwood. When not thinking of teaching, you can find her dancing or volunteering in Peru, and spending time with her husband and son. Together they enjoy very much supporting their favorite football teams, playing music and taking care of Diego their cat and Lola their dog. 

John Luna

M.F.A. (Calgary), B.F.A. (Victoria) Foundation Art, Studio Art AP, Art History

Born in Victoria, where he completed programs at both the Victoria College of Art and the University of Victoria, Mr. Luna has spent the past nine years balancing a love of teaching with pursuits in painting, sculpture and installation work and writing art criticism. He has exhibited and curated installations of painting in connection to poetry, video, sculpture and historical artifacts, in Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary (where he earned an MFA), Edmonton, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco, as well as publishing catalogue essays and criticism in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Los Angeles and Jakarta. He has taught at the Vancouver Island School of Art, the University of Victoria, the University of Lethbridge, the University of Calgary and the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts, and is delighted to have in Brentwood a captive audience for both art history lectures (featuring liberal amounts of drawing) and studio classes (with impromptu slide shows.) When not teaching, Mr. Luna enjoys his cheerful, exhausting family and menagerie.

Scott McGill

Scott McGill

BMusic - Jazz (VIU) - Rock Band

West Coast born and raised, Scott McGill majored in pop voice and jazz at Capilano College in Vancouver. He gained industry attention with the release of two notable independent albums nominated for esteemed music awards: in 1997, the album, First Time won runner-up at the YTV Youth Achievement Awards. In 2000, Check the Hype was nominated Best New Indie Album at the influential West Coast Music Awards. In 2001, Mr.McGill was selected for a part in the Global Television reality show, Pop Stars: Boy Meets Girl, filmed in Toronto. Mr. McGill currently fronts three bands in Vancouver: "Revelry", "Juice", and "Hummer". He also composes and records his own solo projects. He regularly opens for bands such as Nickleback, Widemouth Mason, and Tower of Power and describes his work as "acousticpopfolksouljazz" Currently, Mr.McGill teaches guitar and pop voice at Minstrels Music on Vancouver Island. Mr.McGill's teaching philosophy encourages students to find their own voice through music. At Brentwood, he teaches guitar and has begun the highly popular fine arts programme, "Baker Street Band" - rock school, by any other name.

Marcia McLean

RD, B.Sc. (Dalhousie) Tennis

Mrs. McLean hails from Atlantic Canada and the province of Nova Scotia. Growing up Mrs. McLean competed in many sports, winning High School provincial championships in Volleyball, Basketball and Track and Field. Tennis, however, was her main sport. Mrs. McLean was the top female junior tennis player in Atlantic Canada from the time she was 14 until she graduated to the senior circuit.  She was the top senior player in the Atlantic Provinces for 10 years and  achieved a national Ranking of fifth in Ladies singles.  Mrs. McLean was also the provincial tennis coach for the Province of NS and was the head pro at both indoor and outdoor clubs.

Mrs. McLean is a Registered Dietitian, and her chosen profession eventually brought her to British Columbia where she has worked for the past 20 years in health care and food service management. Locally Mrs. McLean has been involved with coaching and organizing field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and baseball. Her daughter’s acceptance to Brentwood brought her back to the tennis courts, where she resumed her career as Head of the Brentwood tennis program.
The Brentwood tennis teams are currently defending ISA Jr. and Sr. Girls champions, Sr. Boys Silver Medallist , Mid/North island champions, Island champions, and 4 time Provincial Silver Medallists. Mrs. McLean lives in Mill Bay with her mixed doubles partner and husband Cameron, and their two children. Amanda, '13 recently graduated from Brentwood and is currently a freshman at Stanford University. Nick,'15 is actively involved in the tripartate program at Brentwood.

Miller Michael


B.Sc. (Guelph), M.Sc. (Saskatchewan), P.D.P.P. (Victoria); Biology

Michael J. R. Miller was born and raised in the non-wilds of Mississauga, Ontario.  A fascination with animals led to a degree in Zoology which eventually turned into a passion for birds.  He then migrated westward to Saskatchewan where he completed a M.Sc. investigating lead poisoning in Bald Eagles.  Work as a field biologist led him to Arizona and sites throughout western Canada and Ontario, all working with various raptor species.  During and after graduate school, Michael taught in biology labs at both the Universities of Saskatchewan and Victoria, and it was there that he realized how much he loved teaching.  He completed his teaching credentials in 2006, and began teaching in the Cowichan Valley School District.  Within the last six years, Michael returned to school to re-visit the French language and has since taught in both the language and science departments at several schools in the Cowichan Valley.  Mr. Miller is known for his infectious enthusiasm in the classroom and for his use of puns to spice-up lessons.  Outside of school, Mr. Miller and his wife Karena are busy raising their sons Jonah and Sam, whilst caring for a variety of other domestic vertebrates.  He and his family can often be found out exploring areas of Vancouver Island “where the wild things are” on foot and via kayak.  A keen interest in astronomy and aviation also keep Michael’s eyes skyward when not looking for birds.

Jillian Napier

B.B.A. (Laurier), B.Ed. (Brock), MBA (UVic), Economics, Basketball

As the daughter of a headmaster and as a student, coach, teacher and houseparent, Jillian has had the good fortune of being part of eight CAIS school communities in her lifetime. 

Jillian graduated from Wilfrid Laurier with her B.B.A. Co-op degree and proceeded to investigate the teaching life at Shawnigan Lake School as a junior faculty member. She enjoyed it so much that she returned to Ontario to earn a B.Ed. at Brock University and then taught at Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario. Needless to say, she couldn’t shake the West Coast bug, so she and her husband, Jim Ganley, moved back out to the island where Jillian pursued her MBA at UVic and was an assistant coach with the Vikes Women’s Basketball CIS Championship team. Upon receiving her MBA, she spent some time in the e-commerce and consulting industries then switched her main focus to family life and raising three children, Jack, Jensa and Jay, while maintaining a local consulting practice in her spare time.

Jillian brings 3 decades of coaching experience (in basketball, rugby, soccer, rowing and volleyball) to the Brentwood athletic program, ranging from the community level through to elite and provincial development programs. Despite her strapping 5’2” frame, as an athlete, she competed at the university level in rugby, rowing and basketball. Now, a little older and a lot more sensible, you can find her on the hardcourt coaching rather than playing – a transition for which her knees and ankles are deeply grateful.

Dan Norman

Dan Norman

B.Ed. (Ottawa), B.Sc. (Western) Mathematics, Outdoor Pursuits

Dan Norman was born and raised in Toronto, but quickly left. He studied mathematics at the University of Western Ontario and education at the University of Ottawa. During this time, he trained and competed in the sport of whitewater canoe slalom, first qualifying for the Canadian national team in 1988. In 1992, he represented Canada at the Barcelona Olympics. His involvement in competitive kayaking brought him to British Columbia and his interest in the outdoors became a cornerstone of his personal and professional life. Since 2001, in addition to mathematics, Mr. Norman has taught the Outdoor Pursuits programme at Brentwood College since 2001. His passion for the West Coast environment drives him to take students to beautiful places all over Vancouver Island. His preferred modes of transportation are human-powered and include sea kayaks, canoes, and hiking boots. Mr. Norman likes very few things more than goofing around in paddle powered boats – canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. His current challenges include developing and delivering outdoor and experiential education at Brentwood and finding ways to teach math outside the classroom. In his leisure, he and his family spend as much time as possible in remote wilderness locations, and work hard to minimize their footprint on this beautiful island they call home.

Josie Olszewski

B.Sc. (McGill), M.Sc. (SFU), Physics, Science

Josie Olszewski grew up in northern British Columbia before venturing to Montreal to attend McGill University for her undergraduate degree in Science with a major in physics. Her interest in experimental science and medicine led her to working with the Noble Gas Imaging Group on a project that worked on imaging human lungs with MRI techniques where she obtained her Master of Science. Armed with a passion for learning and a genuine interest in working with students, Josie arrived at Brentwood more than 10 years ago ready to teach. A highly qualified and respected physics teacher at Brentwood, she has also delivered high quality outdoor education to students. Josie has certifications in wilderness first aid, as a top-rope and indoor climbing instructor (ACMG), and she has extensive experience hiking, cycling and kayaking. Jose has a passion for experimental science and learning by doing, and implements both into her classroom. Her friendly presence and dedication to her students have been a major contributors to her success at the School.

Wendy Patel

Grade 8 Programme Coordinator, Mrs. Wendy Patel is a graduate of the University of British Columbia where she majored in Geography and minored in Languages. Wendy’s first teaching contract took her to Africa where she worked in Zimbabwe for three years teaching A levels in Geography, Economics and English. Upon her return to Canada she landed at Shawnigan Lake School where she worked as a teacher, Rowing Coach and House Director. She then moved to Vancouver where she worked at St. George’s School teaching Grade 11 and 12 Earth Science and Geography before moving to West Point Grey Academy where she acted as the home room teacher for Grade 5 through 7 classes.

Susan Quinton

B.A. (U of Winnipeg), B.Ed. (U of Manitoba), M.Ed. (U of Manitoba)

A drama and theatre specialist from Winnipeg, Susan Quinton immigrated to the West Coast in 2003 to teach English and Drama at Brentwood. With an undergraduate degree in English and Dramatic Arts from the University of Winnipeg and a Master's degree in Education from the University of Manitoba, Mrs. Quinton taught and directed theatre for 26 years at the secondary and university levels in Winnipeg. Her love of the dramatic is only surpassed by her love of nature, the game of tennis, and her family and friends she is encouraging to move to British Columbia. Mrs. Quinton and her husband, Jeff, enjoy the natural beauty of the Cowichan Valley and the weather, which allows them to play outside all year round. She does not miss the snow of her beloved prairie province where she still spends her summers on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

Laura Richardson

Laura Richardson

B.A. (S.F.U.), B.Ed. Psychology, Social Studies

After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree at Simon Fraser University, Laura Richardson decided to pursue a family tradition and became a teacher. She completed her B.Ed. at the University of British Columbia in 1991. As teaching jobs were scarce in Vancouver, she headed home to the Fraser Valley where she taught in the Chilliwack School District.Trading the fresh waters of Cultus Lake for the oceanfront of Mill Bay, she and her husband, Dan Norman, both jumped at the opportunity to live and work at Brentwood. The move to the island worked well for her family and after nine years of assistant house parenting in Alex House, Laura moved off-campus in 2010. She continues to spend family time sea kayaking and camping all over the West Coast and recently has taken up gardening as a new passion. As a social studies and psychology teacher, she hopes her students will gain the knowledge, skills, and competencies to be active, informed citizens who are able to think critically and consider multiple perspectives about events and issues within Canada and the world.

Tristan Clausen

Wind Ensemble, String Ensemble, Beginner Band, Assistant Director Concert Choir

A true Vancouver Islander, Tristan completed a diploma in classical music at VIU and then his Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria. Both an instrumentalist and vocalist, he has performed in Victoria as a member of the 5Fd RCA Band and the award winning Vancouver Island Chamber Choir. As a Lieutenant in the Canadian Forces, Tristan has directed both concert and marching bands in parades and ceremonies. He began his teaching career at St. Margaret’s School and has moved on the direct concert bands, jazz bands and choirs of all ages around Victoria. Most recently he served as vocal coach and musical director for a 2015 production of Grease. In his teaching, Tristan focuses on instilling in his students the joy of music making and the self-motivation needed to excel.

Mario DeSandoli

B.Ed. (University of Victoria), Mathematics, Hope Assistant Houseparent

Mario DeSandoli joined us from Dwight School Canada in Shawnigan Lake where he spent five years. Born and raised in the small town of 100 Mile House in the Cariboo region of B.C., Mario attended UVIC and graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 2002. He has a rich personal history having climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, volunteered in refugee camps in Sierra Leone for a year, taken a school service trip to Tanzania and taken a meditation course where he went 12 days without human interaction (or talking or eye contact or reading or writing or anything else)! He loves getting students excited about their studies and enjoys trying to convince them that other subject areas would not even exist if it were not for mathematics. He is the Assistant Houseparent in Hope House and he lives on campus with his three children.

Sharon Hall

BA, PDP (SFU), French, French Immersion, Social Studies

Sharon Hall attended Simon Fraser University for her undergraduate degree with majors in History, Political Science and French. Her teaching experience is varied with everything from French 8-12, Socials Studies 5-11, and for the last 9 years, French Immersion in the Cowichan School District. Sharon is teaching French at the school this year. In her free time Sharon enjoys assorted outdoor activities that the Cowichan Valley offers in abundance.

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall

B.Ed. (Vancouver Island University), B.A. (University of Victoria) Social Studies, Metamorphosis 9, Learning Centre, Cross Training

Born and raised in the Cowichan Valley, Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (History and Women’s Studies) from the University of Victoria in 2012 followed by her Bachelor of Education from Vancouver Island University in 2013. Sarah started at Brentwood in 2014-2015 as a Residential Faculty Assistant and quickly fell in love with the Brentwood community. In 2015-2016 Sarah joined the faculty full time in the social studies department. Her passion for history and connecting youth to their learning through hands on activities and technology are just a few things she tries to bring to her classroom. In athletics, Sarah will be working with the girls volleyball programme and is excited to help build athletic confidence with our junior teams. An avid philanthropist Sarah is the school's Terry Fox coordinator. She will also be working with students to ensure inter-house events a yearly highlight! Sarah currently lives in Hope House and is excited to get to know all the students and help them fall in love with learning!

Cheryl Murtland

B.Ed. (York University), M.Ed. (Toronto), Deputy Head, Academics

Born and raised in Ontario, Ms. Murtland attended York University in Toronto where she completed her B.A. in Geography and French as well as her B.Ed. She then honed her craft for a number of years in the Ontario school system before arriving on the west coast to teach geography at SMUS. In 2005 Ms. Murtland completed her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teacher Development through the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. During her time at SMUS she moved into the role of Assistant Director: Student Life and then, Assistant Director of Academics until her arrival at Brentwood. Ms. Murtland arrived at Brentwood in 2015 in the role of Director of Academics. She is an active learner, committed to regular exercise and travel, and a proud mother of two fortunate girls.

Julie Luna

B.A. (Victoria) Hand Built Pottery

Julie received her B.A. in Art History from the University of Victoria, where the last year of her degree was spent concentrating on Art Education. Julie also holds a Design Diploma from the Pacific Design Academy, has experience as a design consultant and has studied at the Victoria College of Art and Vancouver Island School of Art. Julie moves from her travel role last year to act as Assistant Instructor for Design 11 and as the Grade 8 Foundation Art teacher.

Amanda Ramundi

B.Sc. (Hons.) (University of Toronto Mississauga), MEd. (Ottawa), Grade 8 Science and Mathematics.

Amanda Ramundi was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario.  In 2011, she graduated with a B.Sc. degree from the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) with honours.  Shortly after graduating from UTM, she quickly realized a passion for teaching and pursued her B. Ed degree from Queen's University, where she graduated in 2012 with a teaching degree in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.  Throughout the past few years, Amanda has worked at Appleby College (Oakville, Ontario) as a science camp counsellor and at Trinity College School (Port Hope, Ontario) as a science intern and assistant coach for the girls basketball and co-ed badminton teams.  As an avid reader and gamer, Amanda can be seen in front of a good comic book recounting the days of her DC heroes or engulfed in a video game bringing justice to villains in Gotham City.

She is excited to be at Brentwood College School to experience west coast culture for the first time, while assisting with the grade 8 program and tennis teams.

Tanya Scheck

B.A. Kinesiology, Advisor, Volleyball Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ms. Scheck was raised in Northern BC where she developed a keen interest in playing a variety of summer and winter sports.  Her main interests were volleyball, softball, basketball and curling.  It did not take long for Ms. Scheck to realize that volleyball was going to be a sport she continued playing throught her life.  After high school, she went on to play for the College of New Caledonia leading the team to a qualifying spot at the provincial championships.  Ms. Scheck was named to the Inter-Collegiate All-Canadian team.  The University of Victoria was the next stop for Ms. Scheck where she continued her studies and her volleyball career.  She knew her interest in sports would be a stepping stone for her future interest in how the human body moves.  Ms. Scheck gradutated with a degree in Kinesiology from UVIC while playing on the women's varsity volleyball team.  Ms. Scheck was a middle blocker at UVIC training under her mentor, Ms. Jill Fougner.  After graduation from UVIC, Ms. Scheck went on to continue her mentorship as an assistant coach with Ms. Fougner.  Ms. Scheck holds her Level II National Coaching certification in volleyball and joined the Brentwood community in 2003.  Ms. Scheck currently coaches volleyball, girls weight training, the varsity strength and conditioning program as well as the rehabilitation program.  Ms. Scheck and her husband Matt have a daughter.​

Ryan Skardal

B.A., B.Ed. (Brandon University) English Department, Advisory, Cross Country

Originally from Manitoba, Ryan attended Brandon University. There, he studied English literature, wrote for the student newspaper, The Quill, and spoke persuasively and sometimes heckled loudly for the Brandon University Debating Society. When Brandon University offered him a chance to study as an exchange student at Tamkang University in Taiwan, Ryan jumped at the opportunity. Upon returning to Manitoba, Ryan completed his teacher training with the intent to explore new places after graduation. Before coming to Brentwood, teaching took Ryan to Kuwait, Hong Kong, and New Jersey. While in America, Ryan presented at a variety of conferences, including the NCTE Annual Conference, the AP Annual Conference, and the National Writing Project Mid-Winter Conference. In spite of his terribly lacking sense of direction, Ryan is a cheerful -- if often lost -- hiker, runner, and traveler. Pleased to have found a beautiful home with Brentwood College School, Ryan can most likely be found wandering amongst the trees or else through the aisles of a nearby library.

Phil Smith

B.Ed. (UVic), Assistant Houseparent - Allard, M.A Mathematics (Waterloo), Mathematics, Rugby

A keen rugby man, Phil was raised in Victoria and graduated with a B.Ed from the University of Victoria. Urged by his rugby coaches to quit playing (they recognized talent), he started refereeing instead, and progressed to several international tournaments and fixtures.  Around 10 years ago he up and left for Wellington, New Zealand, where he continued to referee, though he quickly became distracted by his future wife Maraina, with whom he now has two children.  Teaching has kept him busy too; he has embraced his inner geek and loves math and technology.  In 2014 he was awarded a Teacher Fellowship through the Royal Society of New Zealand to investigate Maori health and education, and in 2015 he completed a Masters of Mathematics for Teachers at the University of Waterloo.   The lure of Brentwood and the opportunity for his children to connect with their Canadian roots has brought Phil back to Canada, and he is excited to be here!

Rachel Steele-MacInnis

Rachel Steele MacInnis

B.A. (UVic), M. Ed. (Sydney) English, Debating

Growing up in Western Newfoundland, Rachel Steele-MacInnis was inspired by the powerful landscapes and extraordinary storytelling. She completed her schooling in Ottawa and continued her cross-country journey when she chose to complete her undergraduate studies in Victoria. Having set her sights on another, somewhat larger, island, she then moved to Melbourne, Australia, which would become her home of the next ten years. Uplifted by the energy in her classroom, Ms. MacInnis is excited by the insights and creativity of the students she guides. She has travelled widely, but has never escaped the spell that was cast when she first arrived on Vancouver Island. As a teacher of English, Ms. MacInnis often finds herself discussing the significance of setting. She feels very fortunate to find herself in this one.

Fang Sun

Fang Sun

B.Ed. (VIU), Languages

Fang was born and raised in mainland China. After studying at Wuhan University in China, she earned an economic management diploma and worked in a financial institution as a department manager for seven years. She has traveled extensively in South Asia and lived in Singapore for five years. Spending a few years working as a part-time teacher in China, she taught children and adult beginner’s English. Eight years ago, she emigrated from China to Canada and enrolled at Vancouver Island University to study in their Education program. Five years later, she earned her Bachelor of Education degree and BCCT teaching certificate.

Fang also enjoys sports and music. She likes to play tennis and squash, sing, and play the zither in her spare time.

Katrina Tarrant

B.Sc. (WSU), RFA Allard House, Rowing 

Katrina Tarrant is originally from Creston, B.C., where she was introduced to the sport of rowing in 2010, and by 2012 she was part of the gold medal crew at CanAmEx. Katrina received a full rowing scholarship to Washington State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, minoring in Sport Management with an emphasis in Kinesiology. In addition, she was on the PAC 12 First Academic team multiple years, and finished with a national ranking of 7th in 2015, and 11th in 2016. This is Katrina’s second year at Brentwood. She will continue to work as a coach with the Brentwood College Rowing team and Jr Girls Basketball team, provide administrative support in the Learning Centre, and remain as a Residential Faculty Advisor in Allard House. 

Shane Thompson

Shane Thompson

B.A. (Bishop's), Rugby, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Grade 8 PE

Born and raised in Montreal, Shane Thompson grew up in a very athletic family, developing an early and incurable passion for sports. Focusing on university-level basketball, football, and rugby, he attended Bishop’s University and completed a B.A. in Geography and Economics in between practices. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Victoria, played rugby for the Canadian national team, and toured the world several times over. In 2005, Shane transitioned into coaching for Rugby Canada and completed his Masters in Education at the University of Victoria. When not coaching rugby and strength conditioning at Brentwood, Shane works as a professional coach and manager for the BC Rugby Elite Youth 7s program and also coaches the Canada Maple Leafs 7s team. His goal is to strengthen Brentwood’s rugby program and cultivate elite players who may one day realize the Olympic dream. Shane is an outdoor aficionado, a keen traveler, and a surprisingly talented hip hop and swing dancer.

Jenna Warner

Jenna Warner

B.Sc., B.Ed. (University of Manitoba) Houseparent Alex House, Science, Field Hockey

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jenna Warner is a prairie girl at heart.  After earning her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Manitoba, she moved west to join the Brentwood community to teach science and biology and live on campus as a Resident Assistant. A sports fanatic from childhood, Ms. Warner plays basketball, badminton, soccer, but field hockey is her passion. She represented the University of Manitoba, and has played and coached field hockey at both the Western Canada Summer Games and Canada Summer Games. Ms. Warner is thrilled to be co-coaching Brentwood’s 1st XI field hockey team.

Jordan Warner

Jordan Warner

B.Sc., B.Ed. (University of Manitoba), Mathematics, Basketball

Growing up in Roblin, Manitoba, Jordan Warner played a variety of sports in his youth, with his main focus on hockey and baseball. After graduating from high school as one of the top scholar/athletes in Manitoba, he obtained both his Bachelor of Science (Math and Physics) and Bachelor of Education with distinction from the University of Manitoba. It was during this time that he met his future wife. After a summer of teaching kindergarten in Thailand, Mr. Warner and his wife came to Brentwood to teach mathematics and coach basketball. A former assistant houseparent of Rogers House, Mr. Warner currently lives with his wife in Alexandra House.

Sue Whitney

Sue Whitney

B.Ed. (Alberta) Rowing

Sue Whitney is a life-time sportswoman who grew up in England where she trained as a teacher before emigrating to Canada in 1968. She taught briefly in Northern Alberta before teaching in Edmonton for twenty years, subsequently moving to Cobble Hill, BC in pursuit of four separate seasons. After retiring from teaching, she starting coaching field hockey and rowing at Brentwood. A lifelong fan of field hockey, Sue played for Alberta in 1972-1977 and for Canada in 1973 and still plays outdoor games with the local ladies team in the Victoria league. She started the Cowichan Valley indoor field hockey program twenty five years ago. In November 2013 Sue was recognized by Field Hockey B.C. with an award for outstanding contribution to field hockey. An enthusiastic sailor and fan of water, Sue learned to row as an adult and now coaches junior boys rowing and recreational rowing. She is the parent of former students, Mark '91, Rebecca '98. When she isn't out on the water or near the fields, she supervises in all the boarding houses claiming to be the students' favourite granny!

Mark Wismer

Mark Wismer

B.A. (McGill), B.Ed. (Ottawa) Houseparent ­Ellis House, Social Studies, Metamorphosis 9, Rowing

Mark Wismer grew up on beautiful Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world. It was here in this idyllic setting that he first developed his interest in teaching from his mother, also a teacher. Mr. Wismer graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Human Geography from McGill University. During his time at McGill, he was introduced to the sport of rowing and joined the varsity team for the last three years of his degree. After graduation, he moved out west to hone his rowing skills on Elk Lake, Victoria, a well-known training ground for the top rowers in the country. It was during this time that Mr. Wismer first joined the Brentwood community, working as an intern. Called back to the East, he returned to Montreal and got married to his wife: current part-time nurse Ulrika Drevniok. Curiously enough, when the couple first met, Mrs. Drevniok was being coached by Brentonian Dave Calder (1996), a silver medal Olympian and current Head of Rowing at Brentwood. While in Montreal he coached rowing at McGill and served as the Head Coach of the rowing club for one year. In 2008, the Wismers moved to Ottawa where he completed his education degree at the University of Ottawa. We were pleased to welcome Mr. Wismer formally to our school in September 2009 where he is a Houseparent in Ellis House and teaching as part of the Metamorphosis 9 program when he isn't coaching rowing. He and his wife have also added five wonderful children – Cormac, Stella, Niall, Beatrix and Reine Marie – to the Brentwood family.

Sarah Wolinsky

B.A., B.Ed., M.A. (Queen’s University), Assistant Houseparent - Privett, Outdoor Pursuits

Originally hailing from Toronto, Sarah has worn a variety of hats over the last few years. She has worked as a canoe trip guide and camp director, got her Master’s degree in early modern Japanese history from Queen’s, and started working with her teaching background in history and math. She finally found a middle ground in outdoor education and independent boarding schools, spending a year at Rothesay Netherwood School before finding her way to Brentwood where she now works as a Math teacher and Assitant Houseparent in Privett House. Equal parts outdoorswoman, historian, mathematician and gamer, Sarah brings her eclectic blend of passions and interests with her to the halls of blue.

Laurel Calhoun

CAT(C), BAHSc. Athletic Therapy (Sheridan College), B.Sc. Kinesiology (Waterloo), Head Athletic Therapist

Laurel graduated with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo and then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences, specializing in Athletic Therapy, from Sheridan College. She completed her National Certification Exam through the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association in June 2014 to become a Certified Athletic Therapist. She is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Certified First Responder. Originally from Brampton, Ontario Laurel moved to British Columbia in the summer of 2014 seeking change and new adventure. After spending two years in Trail, BC working in Junior A hockey, she jumped at the opportunity to join Brentwood in September 2016 to pursue her long-term goal of working with student-athletes in a private school setting. As a Certified Athletic Therapist, Laurel specializes in the prevention, immediate care, rehabilitation and management of musculoskeletal injuries, conditions and concussions. At Brentwood, Laurel provides field coverage and medical support for Brentwood’s athletic programs, supports the recovery of students with concussions and provides clinical treatments for those students with sports-related injuries to help return them to their sport in a safe and timely manner. In her spare time, Laurel loves to hike and explore the island, play hockey and spend time with her dog Hardy.

Connor McGuigan

BSc (UVic), Diploma in Secondary Ed. (UVic) - Metamorphosis 9, Science

Connor graduated from Brentwood in 2010 (Privett) and went on to attend the University of Victoria earning a BSc in biology while rowing for the varsity crew. In 2017 he returned to Brentwood as a BFA in Whittall House. Finding a love for education, Connor went back to UVic to earn his teaching credential and worked in several South Island school districts. Outside of the classroom, you can find Connor climbing mountains, by bike and by foot, or on the water coaching rowing.

Doug Branchflower

BA. (Saskatchewan), B.Ed. (Alberta) Business and Social Studies, Rugby

Doug received his B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan and completed his B.Ed. at the University of Alberta. He has taught all levels of business - from senior economics to entrepreneurship - as well as history, law and English. Having attended and worked at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, Doug is a boarding school stalwart. Most recently Doug was the Director of Athletics and Head of Humanities at Notre Dame, where is he was also a Houseparent for seven years. Doug is an accomplished rugby coach having run men’s and women’s provincial teams in Saskatchewan, and been an assistant coach of the Canada U17 team.. 

Steven Prokopchuk

B.Sc., B.Ed. (Alberta) Senior Math Teacher

Steven is originally from Edmonton and has lived in Vancouver, rural Quebec, Scotland, and most recently, Washington state. He has B.Sc and B.Ed degrees from the University of Alberta and is currently completing his Masters of Mathematics Teaching (MMT) from the University of Waterloo. Steven has experience in the public school system and more recently was the Upper School Mathematics Department Head at Sedbergh School in Montebello, Quebec (2006-2010). Since 2010, he has been Mathematics Department Chair at The Bear Creek School in Redmond, Washington, where he coached the school's math team to several state titles. Steven enjoys hiking, biking, camping, and cross-country skiing.

Adriane Rogers

BEd (UVIC)- Learning Centre - Allard Houseparent, Learning Centre

Adriane grew  up in Richmond BC and completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Victoria (1998). Deciding that she wanted to experience ‘true Canadian winters’ she relocated to Calgary, Alberta where she spent twenty years in teaching and leadership roles within independent and public schools. Her extensive background in educational assessment and student learning are evident in the collaborative relationships she forms with her students. ”No labels. No limits”. Adriane is the Houseparent in Allard House where she lives with her two sons, Noel (Whittall 21) and Davis (Whittall 23). Look for her on the soccer fields when she isn’t in the classroom, combing the beach for sea glass or finding the next best coffee spot.

Lucre Balbiani

BA Argentina Catholic University, BEd VIU - Spanish

Originally from Argentina, Lucre obtained her undergraduate degree in legal translation from the Argentine Catholic University and most recently she graduated from the Bachelor of Education - Post Baccalaureate Degree Program at Vancouver Island University. Lucre strives to develop dynamic lessons with real-life content to ensure learning is purposeful and engaging. She also understands students’ strengths and needs vary, and learning occurs in different ways. Lucre is also passionate about health and fitness and likes to weight train regularly, spend time with her family, hike and read. She is teaching Spanish at various grades.

Vittorio (Vito) Pasquale

B.A. (Geography, History) UVIC, B.Ed. (Social Studies) UBC, Social Studies, Basketball

Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario he left his Italian immigrant upbringing to attend the University of Victoria where he graduated with a BA degree and played varsity basketball for 5 yrs. Experiencing 3 national championships will attending. Mr. Pasquale spent a few years coaching at the college and university levels before returning to school at UBC and graduating with his B.Ed and settling into teaching high school the last 30 years. He has spent time at various schools in BC: Vancouver College, West Point Grey Academy of Vancouver and Shawnigan Lake School. He has been a committed social studies teacher at different grades from 9 to 12 and is looking forward to his next challenge at Brentwood College. Mr. Pasquale has recently moved to Mill Bay and is looking forward to making a lasting impression and connections with students.

Daryl Stevens

B.Ed.(University of Victoria), M.A.L.T. (Royal Roads University), Ed.D. (University of Western Ontario), Teacher Librarian

Daryl brings to Brentwood an understanding of Island life from his hometown of Campbell River, and a global perspective from his work at international schools in Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. He believes that children are sacred and deserve the best from the adults entrusted with their care. In support of his desire to use research-based understandings to inform his practice, Daryl is currently in his final year of an Education Doctorate, School Leadership in International Contexts, through the University of Western Ontario. His years as an educator in Canada and abroad include roles as a classroom teacher, sports coach, English Department Chair, district-level Literacy and Numeracy Coach, and mentor of Master’s candidates at Simon Fraser University. In his most recent role as Safety and Facilities Coordinator, he guided school administrators and community members through a district-wide revision and implementation of policies and procedures.

After four years of living vicariously through his boys while they studied at Brentwood, Daryl is elated to be a member of the Brentwood faculty. He is also delighted to be back on the West Coast, where he and his wife and three sons like to soak up all of the outdoor activities the Island has to offer.

Christina Cuk

B.A., B.Ed., M.A. (Geneva) - Social Studies Teacher

Born near Zurich, Switzerland, Christina (Ms. Cuk?), and her family emigrated to Vancouver, BC, when she was in elementary school. After completing highschool, Ms. Cuk studied at the University of British Columbia and the University of Vienna before completing a master's degree at the Graduate School of International Studies in Geneva. Ms. Cuk worked as a United Nations research intern and as a political specialist for the American Embassy in Bern, Switzerland before embarking on a career in education. She has been a dedicated and enthusiastic social studies/history teacher for the past fifteen years, and most recently she was Department Head of Social Studies and Head of Grade 8 at Crofton House School in Vancouver, BC.

Ms. Cuk is thrilled to be joining the Brentwood College School community in beautiful Mill Bay.

Erin Stevens

B.Sc (UBC), P.D.P.P (Victoria), Mathematics

Mrs. Stevens is an outdoor-loving Island girl at her core, an  international educator, and an active mother often found last in the family line of mountain bikers or skiers going down the hill. Her 25 years in education have been an exciting, eclectic mix of positions, which fits well with Erin’s pursuit of constant improvement  through change. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Vertebrate Physiology with a teaching concentration in Chemistry, and a teaching certificate from UVIC’s Post-Degree Professional Program. Before starting at Brentwood in the Learning Centre and moving to the  Math Department, she fulfilled a range of traditional and non-traditional educational roles in BC, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine. These included Middle and High School Math and Science Teacher, Intermediate Generalist, Private Math Consultant, Preschool Coordinator,  On-Staff Coverage, Distributed Learning Facilitator, and District Gifted Resource Teacher. As a parent of two former Brentwood boarders, she knows that families living at a distance have increased peace of mind when they know that their child’s individuality is being fostered by caring mentors. She is honoured to be part of the village of adults at Brentwood entrusted to guide, encourage, and in turn be inspired by, our students.

Toby Collis Handford

B.A.(UBC) B.Ed (UBC), English, Soccer

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Toby Collis Handford is thrilled to return home and dedicate himself towards excellence in both teaching and coaching. While completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at UBC, Toby was able to receive the Chancellor’s Scholarship in academics, accept the Kelly’s Curtis Memorial Scholarship in English, and defeat Harold Wardrop in a fantasy football league. As he pursued his degree in education, Toby was able to become an accredited LSAT tutor, a TOEFL tutor, and The 2020 Bow Valley Disc Golf champion. Toby is grateful to have had the opportunity to hold teaching positions at UBC-O, West Vancouver Secondary Secondary, and Academic Camps Canada. This recent addition to the English Department is ready to honour the First People’s Principles of Learning and make the Island his home once more.

Danielle Hampton

MMT, BEd, BSc Physics

Danielle grew up in Calgary among the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she developed a love for music, both choral and instrumental. After years of participating in various ensembles, she moved to Vancouver Island to complete her BSc in Physics with a minor in math. Her love of the hard sciences and inspiring young minds would lead her to complete her BEd and later her MMT. After moving back to the foothills to teach for a few years, she again responded to the call of the Island and is excited to inspire young minds here.

Jacqueline Albinati

Bachelor of Arts(Universite Laval, Quebec)
Bachelor of Education (Universite Sainte Anne, Nova Scotia)
Master of Education (University of Phoenix, Phoenix)
Executive Master of Business in Global Leadership (University of Fredericton, NB), French

Through her love of language, culture, travel, children, and sense of adventure, Jacqueline has moved around the country throughout the past 23 years as a teacher. She has taught in three independent schools. Throughout her career she has been a downhill ski coach, basketball and field hockey coach, a Duke of Edinburgh leader, IB Coordinator, and Round Square Representative, which has allowed her to travel all around the world with her students. Jacqueline is most passionate about French language and culture, running, and hiking. She has completed a marathon, two halfs and a triathlon these past four years. Her most recent hiking adventures were in Iceland, Peru and Japan. She is the proud mother of her daughter Sophie and is crazy about her two doodles Daisy and Aloha.

Elizabeth (Beth) Mullin

Bachelor of Education (UVic), Master of Arts (UVic)

Ms. Mullin grew up in Victoria and attended the University of Victoria for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She taught in two independent schools in Vancouver before packing up and moving to New Zealand with her husband, Andy. Their sense of adventure then took them overseas to teach in international schools for about a decade. Together with their two boys, they have lived in Qatar, Sudan, Malaysia and most recently, Saudi Arabia. Ms. Mullin has loved her international adventures, like camping in the Arabian desert, rafting in Borneo and trekking in Nepal, however she is excited to be back home in beautiful British Columbia and is looking forward to exploring Vancouver Island. This is Ms. Mullin’s first year at Brentwood College; she will be teaching in the English department and coaching field hockey.

Erin Woito

B.Sc (Hons.) (Queen's University), B.Ed (Queen's University), RFA and Dance Assistant.

Erin Woito was born and raised in the small town of Deep River, Ontario. All her life, she has been interested in education, so she decided to pursue Concurrent Education at Queen's University. She graduated with a B.Sc (Hons.) degree with a Biology and Mathematics Specialization. She continued her education at Queen's University and completed her B.Ed with Math and Biology as teaching subjects and a concentration on International Education. Throughout the years, Erin has gained experience teaching and assisting in many classrooms, running arts and science summer camps, as well as teaching and participating in dance classes. During her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, either hiking or by the water, and creating art.

Garry Hughes

M.A. Environmental Science and Environmental Management (University of Dundee), RFA.

Hailing from Ireland, Garry spent much of his childhood outdoors...and in waterproofs. This passion for exploring the environment around him led to an interest in nature and science. While completing his Masters degree in Dundee, Scotland, Garry fell in love with outdoor pursuits; particularly rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. After his graduation he moved to the Highlands and began working in outdoor education. The quest for adventure brought him to many places including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai and most recently, Canada. Moving away from outdoor education as a job, Garry has set his sights on student wellness and self-care at Brentwood. Garry hopes to use his love of the outdoors to help others explore their surroundings and themselves. Fun fact: Garry played Ultimate Frisbee for the Irish National team.

Lindsay Bell-Etkin

BIE (UBC), RFA (Mack House)

After graduating from Brentwood in 2014, Lindsay completed a Bachelor of International Economics from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and played varsity soccer as a striker for Sciences Po University in France. She has a profound love of storytelling in all forms, from data visualization to slam poetry. If she's not on the soccer field, you'll find her canoeing, hiking, reading, planning events for students, or photographing the world around her. In other words, she's a firm believer in the value of Brentwood's tripartite program.

Matthew Ward

BCom (UBC) -- Rowing, BFA (Ellis House)

Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C, Matthew is beginning his first year as an RFA at Brentwood. He previously had spent the last 5 years coaching rowing at Vancouver College while completing his Bachelor of Commerce at the Sauder School of Business at UBC. During his time as a rowing coach, his crews won 3 golds and 2 silvers out of 5 races at the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association National Championships. After completing his BCom, Matthew originally began working in the corporate world, but soon felt a calling to continue working with youth. He saw the RFA role at Brentwood as a perfect opportunity to explore his potential as a teacher, while still getting to continue to work as a coach at a high performing rowing school. He is excited to help increase the number of students involved in the rowing program as well as getting to work with students in a more academic capacity.

Maddy Anderson

Maddy Anderson B.A. (UofA), BFA (Alex House)

Maddy received a bilingual degree in History and French from the Campus Saint-Jean at the University of Alberta.  She took a three-year hiatus during her studies to work in Europe with various not-for-profit organizations that focused on supporting people with developmental disabilities, refugees, and youth.  Maddy moved back to the Island to be closer to family and is looking forward to exploring her potential as a teacher and coach.  A former graduate from Alex House, Maddy is grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with Brentwood and share her passion for learning, people, and team sports. 

Justine Backlund

Justine Backlund B.F.A (SFU) M.St (Oxford) English, Brentwood Broadcast

Justine is originally from the Lower Mainland but has spent as many summers as she can remember exploring coastal waters by sailboat. She completed her B.F.A. at Simon Fraser University, receiving the Praxis Centre for Screenwriting Award for her final project. By her love of storytelling, Justine was propelled to complete a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford, where the perfect day consisted of a morning at the Bodleian Library and an afternoon spent reading in the University Parks by the River Cherwell. Justine is most interested in the power writing has to connect us and hopes to instill a love of language in her students here at Brentwood. In her spare time, Justine enjoys swimming in the ocean(regardless of temperature) and working on children’s book illustrations.

Pascal Girard

Computer Engineering, B.A.Sc. (Queen’s University) — Robotics, Computer Science, BFA (Privett House)

Hailing from Richmond, BC, Pascal was raised on 3 things: Computers, Lego, and Hockey. Naturally, his love for computers and Lego resulted in his pursuit and completion of a degree in Computer Engineering from Queen's University in 2020. He spent large portions of his time at Queen’s in the makerspace, working on the Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team, creating his own startup, and competing in eSports. However, his most fond memories in high school and university were all the opportunities he had working with and mentoring younger students, and thus he decided to explore working in a high school environment. Some of his other interests include wandering the great outdoors, spending too much time playing video games, and 3D printing too many trinkets.

Aidan Hepburn

B.A. (McGill) BFA Ellis House, Climbing

After four years at Brentwood and graduating in 2017, former Ellis House-Captain Aidan is excited to return to Brentwood as a BFA. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Aidan pursued an interest in psychology, graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Cognitive and Behavioural Science. Applying his experience, he has worked in multiple private clinics and research settings conducting research on topics such as Motivation, Personal and Interpersonal Development, Anxiety & Depression, Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning. Passionate about rugby, mental health, sports psychology, and the psychology of expertise, Aidan always seeks to improve the lives of those around him - perpetuating the positive ethics cultivated during his time at Brentwood.

Daniel Millar


BA (Hons) Mount Royal University; MSc (Loughborough University)

Born in Birmingham, England and raised from the age of 16 in Okotoks, Alberta, Mr. Millar attended Mount Royal University  in Calgary where he completed his B.A. Psychology Honors degree. He then completed his MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology degree through Loughborough University in England. During this time he developed a passion for coaching soccer and will continue to develop as a coach whilst at Brentwood. Daniel has held a vast array of jobs before coming to Brentwood, he saw the BFA role at Brentwood as a perfect opportunity to explore his potential as a counsellor, while still getting to continue to work as a coach in an environment that facilitates high performance both academically and athletically. He is excited to grow into this role and experience as much as possible to further his professional development and career.

Amica Pasquale

B.FA. (Emily Carr), BFA (Hope), Graphic Art and Design

Myr. Pasquale was originally born in rainy Vancouver, BC, but is proud to have called the
Cowichan Valley their home for the past 20 years. They spent a majority of their childhood
running through forests and playing with ghosts in local haunted school buildings, so it’s no
surprise that they went to art school. A person who likes to try and master every new thing that
becomes interesting, they spend a lot of time arguably doing both everything and nothing at
once. After receiving a BFA in Illustration at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, finishing
online during a pandemic, and a brief career in fish butchery at the local grocery chain, Myr.
Pasquale decided to try teaching, the very thing they love to do, to the people they think are the
most interesting: adolescents. Now teaching graphic and digital arts at Brentwood, while occasionally assisting the theatre in any means necessary, Myr. Pasquale tends to float around the school, just like the ghosts from their childhood. They strive to create safe environments for children to explore their identities and passions free of judgement, and try to approach every situation with curiosity and understanding.

Sonya Rokosh

BA(UVIC), Ceramics teacher, BFA (Alexandra)

Ms. Rokosh is a graduate of Brentwood (class of ‘05), and after spending time teaching in the interior of British Columbia, she joins the Brentwood family once again as the new 3D Ceramics instructor and Boarding Faculty Assistant. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Restoration of Natural Systems from the University of Victoria (2012). She waved goodbye to her coastal roots, and relocated to the interior of the province, where the winters are sunnier, and houses are cheaper. Ms. Rokosh completed her Bachelor of Education through Thompson Rivers University and has recently been teaching at an Outdoor School in the Shuswap region. She is currently working on her Master of Arts through Royal Roads University.
Ms. Rokosh was exposed to her first pottery experience at Brentwood. She had the honour of studying under Peggy Elmes, whom she still claims is her greatest creative influence throughout her pottery career. When Ms. Rokosh is not in the pottery studio, she can often be found walking in nature, backcountry camping, baking sourdough bread, or writing letters to her friends (through an archaic means of communication referred to as “snail mail”). She is excited to join the Brentwood community and spread her passion for both the Arts and wholesome living with staff and students.

Maria (Yun-Hsuan) Wang

MMus (Victoria), String & Wind Ensembles

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Maria (Yun-Hsuan) Wang is a versatile cellist and music teacher. After pursuing her B.Mus at the West Virginia University in the United States, she moved to Victoria and completed her M.Mus in Cello Performance at UVic in 2014. Since then, Ms. Wang has been actively teaching in private lessons and school string programs. She is currently the director of SD62 Sooke String Orchestra and the headteacher of strings at the Harmony Project Sooke. Aside from teaching, Ms. Wang has been the principal cellist of the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra since 2018. Founding cellist of the Breakwater Quartet, one can also find her playing pop music at various social events. New to the Brentwood family, Ms. Wang is excited and looking forward to teaching string and wind ensembles.

Teagan West

B.A. (Hons.) (UBC), BFA (Privett)

Growing up on Vancouver Island just minutes from campus, Teagan attended Brentwood as a day student from grade nine to grade twelve. After graduating in 2015, she completed a B.A. with an honours in anthropology and a minor in archaeology from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Throughout her degree she attended archaeological field schools with the University of New Brunswick, St. Mary's University and UBC, studied abroad at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand and completed thesis research at the University of Edinburgh. No matter where she was in the world, she always looked back fondly on her time at Brentwood and when the opportunity to return was presented she jumped at the chance. Working alongside mentors, Teagan is using her time at Brentwood as an adult to discover her passions and potential.

Jasmine Yang

B.A. (Waterloo), Mandarin, BFA (Mackenzie)

Jasmine was born and raised in Taiwan. In Grade 11, she made a life-changing decision to move across the globe to study at a boarding school on Vancouver island and pursue her dream in Canada. Jasmine earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo with minors in East Asian Studies and Applied Language Studies. After six years in Ontario, she returned to the Island to continue pursuing her passion in the field of education. She received her diploma in teaching Mandarin to speakers of other languages. She also worked at Shawnigan Lake School for two years as a BFA, basketball coach, and Mandarin co-teacher before starting her new journey at Brentwood. Jasmine loves traveling, learning different languages and cultures. She believes the best way to learn a new language and culture is by traveling and experiencing it as a local.

April Barnes


BA (UOttawa) BFA, Alex House

April was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC, and is a Brentwood Alum (’16), attending Brentwood for Grades 11 and 12. April is excited to return to Brentwood as a BFA and help coach both volleyball and rowing. After graduating from Brentwood, she moved across the country to attend the University of Ottawa, where she completed a joint Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Political Science. For the past eight years, April spent the summers teaching swimming lessons, working as a lifeguard, and coaching sports, amplifying her desire to become a teacher. She spent the 2020-21 school year working at an elementary school in West Vancouver, where she worked as an assistant in a Grade 1 classroom. She loves helping children find their passion, whether it be essay writing or volleyball.

Spencer Manton

Sports Marketing and Management B.A. Sc. (Indiana University)
Volleyball, Basketball, Strength & Conditioning and Rowing Coach, Rowing Coordinator, BFA (Allard House), BFA Coordinator

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Spencer has been at Brentwood for several years. At a young age, Spencer fell in love with health and fitness and found herself as a boarding student at Brentwood College in hopes of exploring these areas further. At Brentwood, her passion for sport grew and she decided to specialize in rowing. Upon graduation, Spencer went on to row at Indiana University while studying Sport Marketing and Management. At Indiana, Spencer competed at four NCAA Championships and won three B1G medals with her crew. Upon completion of her degree, Spencer went on to work in professional sport for a year in the USA before heading back to Vancouver Island to work at Brentwood as a member of staff. Spencer is honored to work alongside her long time mentors at Brentwood. She hopes to instill a lifelong passion for health and wellness in students that goes beyond highschool competitive sports.

Emily Carroll

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Human Kinetics - University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Education - Health & Physical Education & Biology - University of Ottawa, Professional Masters of Education - Teaching Abroad - Queen’s University
Science, Chemistry

Ms Carroll was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. She graduated university and accepted a teaching position at an international school in Dubai - this sparked an interest in pursuing teaching as a career. She went back to Canada to complete her Bachelor of Education and then accepted a teaching position at Sunway International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This school taught the Ontario curriculum. She was there for six years in the capacity of science and Health and Physical Education teacher for grades 7 - 11. She also coached volleyball, swim team, fitness club and was the Student Council advisor. Ms Carroll then moved to California to work at Silicon Valley International School, formerly Alto International School. This school taught the IB continuum curriculum. She taught there for five years in the capacity of Science and HPE teacher for grades 7- 10 and specifically DP Biology and DP Chemistry for grades 11 and 12 of the IB programme. She fuelled her love of the outdoors by being the Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader with the specific role of leading the Adventurous Journey. In her spare time, she is an avid hiker and camper and also loves a good coffee with a good book.

Justin MacDonald

HBBA (Wilfrid Laurier University), MS Ed (Canisius College), CPA, CA - Business

Mr. MacDonald joined the Brentwood faculty in 2022 after a twenty year career as a chartered professional accountant. Following an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, he worked in assurance and accounting in both Canada and Bermuda. He provided professional assurance and accounting services to reinsurance, hedge fund, and not-for-profit clients.  In 2019, he discovered his love for teaching when he took on a sessional accounting instructor opportunity at the University of Guelph. He finds fulfillment in helping students learn and reach their potential. In 2021, he transitioned his career from accounting to teaching. Mr. MacDonald takes a collaborative and experiential learning approach with students using both business simulations and case studies. He is passionate about business education, including financial literacy, investing, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Aside from teaching, Mr. MacDonald is an avid traveller, alpine skier, and racquet sports player.

Katie Foreman

Bachelor of Arts (University of Victoria) - BFA (Allard)

Ms Foreman was born and raised in Penticton, British Columbia. After graduating high school, she moved to Vancouver Island and has recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in History and Art Education from the University of Victoria. During her high school and university years, she spent her summers teaching dance and working in the bustling Okanagan tourism industry for a company that primarily employs adolescents. These experiences, as well as her time volunteering within her school and city communities, sparked her passion for mentoring and working with youth. In her spare time, you can find her doodling and crafting, enjoying beautiful music and a good book, or camping and exploring the great outdoors. Ms Foreman is thrilled to be staying on this stunning island for another year to work with an inspiring team of educators. She looks forward to sharing her love of learning and supporting the growth of Brentwood’s stellar students.

Emily Singh

BA Double Major in Kinesiology and English Literature from the University of Western Ontario B.Ed with IB Educator Certificate from the University of New Brunswick
 - BFA (Hope)

While growing up in Kitchener, Ontario, Ms Singh discovered her love for education and youth involvement early on. She has spent numerous summers leading summer camps and pursued her Kinesiology major with a particular interest in youth movement. The lasting impact that exceptional educators had on her life helped her realize that she wanted to contribute to the   growth that happens in an education environment. An explorer at heart, Ms Singh moved to New Brunswick to kick off her teaching journey. She is excited to join the Brentwood team on this new adventure and explore some of the natural beauty of the West Coast while she's at it. In her free time, Ms Singh enjoys spending time outdoors, playing board games, and scrolling through the local SPCA websites to admire all the best furry friends.

Tegwyn Curtis

BSocSci (UOttawa) - BFA (Mackenzie)

Tegwyn Skye graduated from Brentwood in 2017, and moved across the country to attend the University of Ottawa. Though she started in the faculty of business, taking a history elective made her realize her true passion had always been in the humanities, and she switched to finish with a Bachelor of Social Sciences, Joint Honours in History and Political Science, focusing on the history and impacts of colonialism. While at university, she was enthusiastically involved in dance, student politics and activism, and Model Parliament. She found a love of storytelling and teaching while working as a counsellor at summer camps, as a tutor, and as a Tour Guide at Canada's Parliament. Now planning to pursue a degree in education, she is excited about returning to Brentwood to immerse herself in the high school setting and learn from the many mentors here.

Joe Madigan

B.A (University of Victoria) Rowing, Ceramics, English - BFA (Whittall)

Mr Madigan, originally from Vancouver, BC, attended Brentwood for three years from 2014 to 2017. It was at Brentwood where he found his life passions in English, Ceramics, and Rowing. After Brentwood, he attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut for a year, and later finished his B.A in English Literature at the University of Victoria. While studying in Hartford and Victoria, Mr Madigan was a member of both schools' Varsity Rowing Teams. Since graduating in 2021, he has turned his focus back to ceramics, and has been running a production pottery studio in Whistler, BC. He has interests in Mountaineering, Surfing, and Disc Golf. With a colourful skillset, Mr Madigan comes to Brentwood to help those without a passion find one.

Cheyne Cole

B.A. (Nipissing University) - BFA (Whittall)

Born and raised in the small town of Cobourg, Ontario Ms Cole always dreamed of living on the west coast. She played every kind of sport, along with her three sisters, including basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, baseball and swimming. When she wasn't competing in sports, she loved expressing her creative side through art, music, and reading. A combined love of the outdoors and working with children lead Ms Cole to direct summer camps for six years and spend time off on the water in her kayak. After graduating with a BA from Nipissing University, she continued her passion for teaching and coaching at Trinity College School, in Ontario, as a Residential Assistant and fell in love with the boarding experience. Splitting her time there between service learning, academic support, and environmental sustainability office, she loved connecting students with a noble cause that they are passionate about and looks forward to doing the same at Brentwood.

Sean Hacker Teper

B.A. (Boston University), M. Sc. (Memorial University), B. Ed. (UBC Okanagan) - Science, Biology

Mr Hacker Teper was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. From a young age, he gravitated towards water and conservation. As a keen young scientist, he could often be found “rescuing” frogs with his younger brother, transporting them from streams to the local lake for the purpose of providing them a “better” life. On family vacations, he always pushed to see the local aquariums. This interest led him to Vancouver Island in the summer after Grade 11, where he completed a marine biology course and earned his scuba diving certification. Back in Toronto, Mr Hacker Teper’s involvement as a coxswain on his high school rowing team earned him a position on the Boston University men’s rowing team. He graduated with a degree in Marine Biology and memorable fieldwork along the Massachusetts coast, Belize, and Ecuador. He returned home to Toronto for a year to pursue a budding photography passion before heading east to Newfoundland to earn an M.Sc in marine biology. In St. John’s, he learned biochemistry on the fly as he investigated a food web for little critters living in rhodolith beds. As he completed his master’s degree, he realized he loved teaching and headed westward to Kelowna, BC, where he earned his teaching credentials and has taught since 2020. Outside of school, you can find him baking fresh sourdough, fermenting strange foods, playing pickleball, doing astrophotography, or somewhere underwater exploring British Columbia’s reefs.

Kim Waugh

B.A. (University of Victoria) P.D.P.P.(University of Victoria) M. Ed. (Royal Roads University) Diploma in Teacher-Librarianship (University of British Columbia) - Grade 8 Program Coordinator, Humanities Teacher

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Ms. Waugh attended the University of Victoria where she completed both her B.A. in History and Geography and received her teaching certificate through the Post-Degree Professional Program. She began her career in the Victoria School District where she gained valuable experience teaching a variety of subjects, including history, English, math and PE, to students from Grades 6 to 12. Looking for an opportunity to teach an international program, Ms. Waugh made the move to Glenlyon Norfolk School to teach history, English, and math. She soon moved into the role of Teacher-Librarian and then added Personal Project Coordinator and Round Square Coordinator to her responsibilities. Ms. Waugh has arrived at Brentwood in the role of Grade 8 Program Coordinator and Humanities teacher. She is passionate about travel, service, and the outdoors, and is a proud mother to Megan and Alex.

Michelle Legassicke

B.A. (Uvic), M.A. (Waterloo) - Social Studies, Debate, MUN, Public Speaking

Growing up on Vancouver Island, Ms Legassicke loved this hub of kayaking, fishing, and outdoor adventures. After completing a B.A. at the University of Victoria, educational and research opportunities took her out east, and further afield around the world. Following the completion of a M.A. at the University of Waterloo and time working abroad in Tanzania, she returned to Canada, settling on the east coast at Dalhousie University to begin her PhD work. While in Halifax, she had the opportunity to design and teach classes in the Political Science and Sustainability departments. She also worked in student life and residences at the University of King’s College. Supported by the Dallaire institute, EUCE, SSHRC, and Innovation grants, Ms Leggasicke’s work took her around the world: conference presentations in Hong Kong and London, research projects in Ghana and Sierra Leone, and travel to Cambodia and Indonesia. She returned to the west coast in 2019 to write her dissertation, and be closer to family, resulting in joining Brentwood as a BFA, working with the debate, Model UN, public speaking, and field hockey programs. After a brief time away to houseparent at St. John’s, she has returned to teach in the Social Studies Department and run the debate, Model UN, and public speaking program.

Murryn Miller


BFA (Alex)

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario within a family of teachers, Ms. Miller has always dreamed of being an educator. Having spent numerous summers working at camps, spending time at her cottage in North Ontario, and running camps in countries like Trinidad, the US, and St. Lucia, she was very excited to start her concurrent education degree at Queens University with a specific focus in environmental and outdoor education. While in university, she was involved in a few theatrical productions, activism opportunities, and music. These experiences, as well as her time volunteering with youth within the greater Toronto area, sparked her passion for mentoring and working with students, especially in outdoor environments. In her spare time, you can find her painting, being around water, reading a good book, or exploring the outdoors. She is very excited to join the Brentwood team on this new adventure and to explore some of the natural beauty of the West Coast all the while sharing her love for learning and the outdoors.

Julie Murray

Health, B-Well Sponsor

Ms Murray’s path as an educator has been varied and deep; her career has taken her to South Korea to teach English, to Cape Cod as an outdoor educator and across three provinces in Canada teaching at Lakefield College School in Lakefield, Ontario, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School and Edge School in Alberta and finally here at Brentwood College School in beautiful British Columbia. During her time as an educator, she has taught a variety of courses including social studies, English, history, law, geography, health and outdoor education. Over the past decade, Ms Murray has also worked as an Integral Coach, a mindfulness facilitator, a yoga teacher, a graphic recorder and artist as well as an educational advisor for CAWST (Centre for Water and Sanitation Technology) a Canadian-grown not-for-profit organization that is global in reach. Today, at the core of everything that she does is her passion for the well-being of students. When she is not on campus, Ms Murray enjoys growing fresh veggies, creating art, practicing yoga and meditation, and spending time in mountain, forest and ocean landscapes with her partner Ken and dog, Rumi.

Tammie Ramsay

Assistant Houseparent Whittall House, Grad Sponsor, SAC Sponsor, Weight Training, Interhouse Coordinator

Ms. Ramsay was born and raised in Eastern Canada, where she completed her practical nursing and went on to spend the next 25yrs working in diverse areas of human services; including psychiatric-geriatric, spinal cord rehabilitation, brain injury rehab, and working with marginalized individuals living on the streets of Victoria, being the team leader at the emergency homeless shelter in the downtown for many years. She holds a number of varied certifications in mental health, martial arts, and conflict resolution, and holds an Award of Accommodation for outstanding leadership in her community from the Victoria Police Department. Kindness, compassion, and humour follow Miss Ramsay wherever she lands. She joined the Brentwood community in 2018 as a BFA, woodworking instructor, weight training coach, and advisor to the Mackenzie House girls. She quickly immersed herself in the Brentwood community and went on to become the BFA coordinator, SAC and Interhouse sponsor. Ms. Ramsay and her 14-year-old son Keiran, (who also attends Brentwood) will be joining us full-time on campus for the 2022/2023 school year as the assistant House Parent to Whittall House, as well as her new role of Grad Sponsor.

Ms. Ramsay enjoys travelling, spending time with her son, and her three dogs. She is currently training her bearded dragon (Haku) to walk on leash.

Jan Roeth

B.A - University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld (Germany) — BFA Ellis House, Soccer

The youngest of five children, Mr. Roeth was born and raised in Germany. As the son of a teacher and a psychologist, it could hardly be ruled out that Mr. Roeth loves to be there for others and to help when it is needed. He successfully completed his studies in social work with a focus on theatre at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. Theatre and football (soccer) were always important to Mr. Roeth and they became a passion. As a state-approved social worker, football coach and theatre teacher, Mr. Roeth was finally able to combine all his interests in education at Brentwood College School and work with the students to develop their strengths.

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