Strategic Plan 2013 - 2023

As the School continues to implement its Strategic Plan, a theme has emerged around the vision and engagement of our constituents. At every turn the Brentwood family has been inspired by this in-depth and immersive process. The promise of advancement, change, and challenge has captured the imagination of everyone involved. The Strategic Plan has, in fact, been a catalyst for the School to move forward with an aspirational goal of setting the standard globally for leading edge learning.

We have identified three overall goal pillars that will support our vision, mission, and values. Within these goals, nine strategic priorities have been identified. They will require our focus over the next 2 - 4 years and drive us toward our vision.

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Looking out over Mill Bay, BC

Brentwood is well positioned to be the torch of learning for now and the future. If we harness the energy of the entire Brentwood family, our flame will continue to light the path forward. - Headmaster, Bud Patel 2013

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The Brentwood campus overlooking Mill Bay


We must provide a world-class boarding school experience

Our full boarding program defines us. The benefit for both boarding and day students is a learning environment that is not bound by traditional class time. From facility improvement to program enhancement, we will continue to make boarding central to our school.

We must be a leading-edge place of learning

Balancing traditional, rigorous teaching practice with modern, 21st Century methodologies is challenging. Through strategic professional development and a campus-wide growth mindset, we will successfully navigate the challenging educational waters ahead.

We must have an open and global mindset

Valuing divergent thinking and global perspectives – languages, cultures, and customs – is essential for the contemporary citizen. We will continue to diversify our student population and promote a global curriculum with a balanced pedagogical approach.

We must enhance our unique tripartite program

Our research found that while many schools have the combination of academic, artistic, and athletic programs, it is not necessarily “what we do” that makes us special, but “how we do it”. We will continue to enhance our programs by improving our delivery and offerings.


We must have a fully engaged Brentwood family

Connection for life is core to Brentwood. Through regular communication, event planning, and homecomings, we are committed to providing opportunities for all constituent groups to be engaged with their school both on campus and abroad.

We must create a culture of philanthropy

To ensure that future generations are able to enjoy the Brentwood experience, we must have a “pay it forward” approach for our school. Both capital and endowment fundraising opportunities will require our attention and support.


We must build a financially sustainable model

Admission to Brentwood is a privilege. Through long term planning, efficient use of resources, and improved financial aid, our goal is to provide access for as many deserving candidates as possible.

We must be a model school for operational and environmental sustainability

Our beautiful and modern oceanfront campus with geothermal energy loops, solar panels, and rain capture design provides long-term sustainability for our school and the environment. As we renew our campus and facilities, we will continue to seek operational and environmental efficiencies.

We must be an even greater place to work

We have extremely high expectations of our trusted adults – it is not a place of work but a passion to go above and beyond for our students. Using positive and progressive human resource practices, we will sustain this dedication to the Brentwood family.

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