Social Responsibility

The philosophy of the school is one of inclusion, respect, and accountability for our actions. These principles extend beyond our interpersonal lives to include our immediate environment and the world beyond our gates. We strive to have a positive and sustainable local impact on the community where we live and do business.

The Pillars of our Sustainability Platform


We have lived and worked in Mill Bay for over fifty years. We strive to create positive and relevant change for our environment through community service, partnerships, and bursaries. Our SPARC (Service, Peer Assistance, Resource Counselors), BEAT (Brentwood Environmental Action Team), and SAC (Student Action Committee) volunteer programs allow us to project our values within the greater community.

Charities we support


We are committed to environmental stewardship by minimizing our footprint and inspiring our students and staff to do so as well. Brentwood has been an energy sensitive school since the 1980s when we began using innovative heating and building control systems. Our green campus is proactive in its numerous sustainability initiatives including our waste management system, conservation efforts, and our facility design and management. Recent green initiatives have included campus-wide recycling centers, composting programs for each residence and the dining room, the use of Green Seal cleaning products, energy efficient lighting, and low flow plumbing fixtures. Brentwood is a registered ecoActive school through PITCH-IN Canada, the country’s largest non-profit organization working to preserve the environment by reducing waste.


As an institution of learning, we wish to ensure that our students and staff are continually educated on sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Brentwood has a number of informative initiatives designed to promote environmental consciousness and social responsibility.

Ethical Sourcing

Our staff works to ensure that whenever possible we use locally grown and ethically sourced supplies to ensure a positive impact on our local and global communities.


Our school is a tremendous example of intellectual and demographic diversity. With students from thirty countries we embrace our diversity as part of our principles of community and work to create learning opportunities for both students and staff.

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