Our Approach

Brentwood has a long tradition of seeking new and innovative ways to enhance learning for each individual student. An inimitable physical location, our tripartite program, and culture of inclusion and support create a singular place of learning. The underlying foundation of our school can be found in our Boarding Life Initiative which draws all members of this community together. Our students have found that the Brentwood formula results in unparalleled opportunities for educational discipline and experimentation.

Mission, Vision & ValuesStrategic Plan 2013-2023
HistorySocial Responsibility
Principles of Community

"Have you always given your best? Have you worked your hardest, played your hardest? Have you done the little more than was required, rather than the little less?" - Headmaster, Mr. A. C. Privett 1946

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A tree at Brentwood overlooking the ocean
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