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Hockey is Canada’s national sport and has enjoyed great popularity at Brentwood with Canadians and our International students. Our ice hockey program operates in the first and second terms and is open to all students. We are fortunate to be a four-minute bus ride from the local ice rink at Kerry Park which means our teams are able to be on the ice as often as 3 times a week. The school is also equipped with a modern Hockey Training Centre allowing athletes to work on their skating and puck handling skills throughout the year.

An ice hockey player skating with the puck

We have a number of teams that compete in exhibition games and as part of the local Cowichan Valley High School Hockey League. Highlights of the hockey season include the Ross Cup, the largest high school hockey tournament in BC as well as the Annual Showcase game. The annual Showcase hockey evening allows the entire Brentwood school community to be part of the most widely attended and noisy sporting event of the second term.

The Brentwood ice hockey team


Ice Hockey News

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Mar 07, '17
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Feb 08, '17
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Hockey players skate up the ice
An assistant captain on the ice
A player smiling after a shift

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

B.P.E. (University of New Brunswick) Director of Business Studies, Ice Hockey

Mike Flynn is the Director of the Business Studies Department and teaches Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He is also an active member of the sports department and coaches ice hockey. Mr. Flynn also organizes the winter ski programs. A graduate of the University of New Brunswick in Physical Education, he spent his first 19 years after graduation neither in the classroom nor the gym, but in municipal government and business. Working in a variety of marketing positions within a major corporation and later managing sales and marketing functions in a small business, Mr. Flynn's practical experience assists him greatly in managing the finer details of our campus events.

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